Home Is Where The Heart Is

Some days, I pinch myself because I think of how blessed I am.

These days are filled with lots of "busy work": cleaning, dusting, menu planning, cooking, running errands, homeschooling, chasing kids (or do they chase me? not sure), all the laundry, holiday planning, outfit coordinating, diaper changing, church activities. Good, wholesome, life giving things. And at the end of the day when I all I want is five minutes to clear my head and rest, I look over to see this. Worth it all.

And I get up and do it all over again, because, well, family and home are my sweetest treasures. Homemaking is such a gift. I hope I never take it for granted!

Our Simple Homeschool Preschool Schedule

Officially starting Pre-K 4 with Evie this year has really challenged me on so many levels. What used to be a few simple crafts and learning about letters has now morphed into play based learning for the better half of the day. Ella has started to join in as her curiosity grows and changes.

I know I've shared my heart on Charlotte Mason based methods before, and while I'm still very loosely following those methods, I've also come to terms with the fact that every child and every family has unique needs!

So, cue my surprise when my oldest BEGS to do school each day, ALL day. Her love for learning is both precious and time consuming. I finally realized that when she was asking to do school she was wanting a real school book! After doing a little research, I settled on Learning Without Tears as my go to resource for this semester. She started on the Pre-K book (Handwriting without Tears), and oh my goodness has she devoured it! I have to admit, full blown mommy pride swelled in my heart as I watched her work so diligently on each page. Ella wanted her own workbook too, so I found a few alphabet books at the dollar tree. The DT has been such a wonderful recourse for me this year!

Here's a little peek into our morning:

Morning Basket Time: I plan to do a full video on this, but we use this time focus on scripture reading, a short devotion and reciting prayers. The girls adore this time together, and Evie will often gather the books for me and bring them to the table during breakfast. I have to say it has done my own heart good to keep Christ the focus of our day!

Letter Review: After our morning basket, we focus on letter recognition and sounds using the BOB books and ABC Mouse. The short videos have been the perfect outlet for both girls.

Five In A Row: We typically read aloud our FIAR book together 4 to 5 days a week on a two week rotation. I like to keep coloring pages and simple crafts on hand that coordinate with the story that we are reading together. I also like to find age appreciate YouTube videos that correspond with what we are learning.

Nature & Art: Every day I try to have time outside for playing, nature walks, and fresh air. We also listen to classical music or jazz music during art time. Evie is also taking a homeschool art class geared to younger children. She loves it and it gives her a taste of structured classroom and following simple instructions.

Handwriting Without Tears: I added this workbook on a two day a week rotation. It's just enough to satisfy her need for book work (she's so much like her mom!) without overdoing it. I try to keep work books to a minimum. :)

This is all broken up through out the day. I love learning along with them! I should also mention that's a bit of a humbling process, too.

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into our homeschool preschool days! Happy Monday, friends.

Happy Homemaker Monday!

I've been setting a goal to upload new videos each week. I'm always stepping out of the comfort zone with YT for sure! 

The Weather

It's cloudy today!

Things That Make Me Happy

Coffee and Triple Chocolate Brownies from Godiva. I could have ate the entire pan. ;)

Books I’m Reading

I need to start one! Any good suggestions?

What’s On My TV Today

I've been watching YouTube Channels lately. How Jen Does It is one of my favorites! Zone cleaning & Speed cleaning videos are such an awesome motivator for me. 

On The Menu This Week

Monday: Burritos
Tuesday: Chicken Caesar Salad
Wednesday: Out
Thursday: Tomato & Grilled Cheese Soup
Friday: Tacos
Saturday: Leftovers

On My To-Do List

Catch up on Laundry
Deep Clean the Kitchen
Go for a hike with the kids

New Recipe I Tried Or Want To Try Soon

Crock Pot Chicken Dumplings

Looking Forward To

Cleaning the house and having some quiet time today. 😊

Linking up with Happy Homemaker Monday!

Happy Homemaker Monday

The Weather

It's been rainy, chilly, and absolutely perfect cocoa weather. 

Things That Make Me Happy

Homemade lattes, going book shopping, decorating the house, hiking in the mountains, going to the lake, reading good books, rocking in my rocking chair with my blankets. Listening to my children play together. Date nights with my husband. Simple things. :)

Books I’m Reading

Welcome Home by Emilie Barnes

What’s On My TV Today

Still watching Frazier. :D I need some new show suggestions! Feel free to share with my a few of your favorites. :)

On The Menu This Week

Monday: Burritos
Tuesday: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
Wednesday: Out
Thursday: Chicken Caesar Salad
Friday: Out
Saturday: Leftovers

On My To-Do List

Catch up on Laundry
Deep Clean the Kitchen

New Recipe I Tried Or Want To Try Soon

Pumpkin Bread or Pumpkin Chip Muffins

Looking Forward To

A cozy night at home eating burritos and watching television. 😊

Happy Monday, friends!

A little life update...

Happy Monday!

Look at those silly girls! You want to know why they are smiling so big? I totally bribed them with ice cream if they'd let me take their picture. Haha! Just a little real life honesty, for you. ;)

Can you believe we are already half way through September? That's mind boggling. I have been decorating for fall all week. My mother in law gave me some new décor items that I've been playing with, and ended up re-arranging several things around the house. I'll do a video tour soon!

Evie is loving and thriving her Pre-K 4 year of school. She begs to do school all day long. *wink* She also started a little homeschool art class once a week. My friend teaches it and she was gracious to let Evie join in....she spends about 20 minutes focusing on the class before she's ready to go play with her friends. I think it's adorable and such a nice outlet for us all to get out of the house.

Ella, my goodness, has been changing so much. She's learning to communicate better, and of course wants to do school with sister. She has started coloring and drawing like crazy. When she figured out how to draw a circle, she spent nearly an hour covering page after page with circles!

I've been spending most of my mornings working (from home). I handle social media, PSA's and other web site related tech stuff. It keeps me busy and gives me a little creative outlet. I've had to figure out a new routine for myself, hence the reason my blog has been quiet. I'm not planning on going anywhere blog wise, just had to figure it all out!

Even though, I love my fall décor, I'm also already planning and scheming for Christmas decorations. I'm thinking it's time to add a second tree to our house. I'm torn between a Disney tree (how fun would that be?) or a blue & white themed tree (more elegant ).

I better sign off for now. Hope you all have a blessed day. 😊😉

My Planner + Bible Journal

Hi friends!

I recently had to purchase a new planner, and I went with the Blue Sky planners again. I also recently started Bible Journaling, and what a simple way to spend more time in scripture! I found all of my items at Wal-Mart and Target.

I vlogged about it:

Fall has definitely arrived! It's been raining off and on for the last few days and the temperatures have finally dropped. I'm thrilled my favorite season has arrived and am eagerly awaiting the color changes to the trees around me. ;) Also, have been enjoying homemade maple syrup latte's. So yummy! I'll have to share that recipe, soon.

Happy Tuesday!

My Favorite Chocolate Cake

We had such a nice four day weekend. Lots of sleeping in, visiting with family, and catching up on a few things around the house...like slowly, but surely decorating for fall!! I couldn't wait any longer. Have you decorated, yet?

My uncle was visiting from Illinois so I had my family over for Sunday dinner, and made our favorite chocolate cake. My family makes this cake for almost every birthday, holiday and get together. It's so easy and tastes heavenly.

I'll share the recipe!

Double Chocolate Cake

1 pkg. Devils Food Cake mix
1 pkg. Chocolate Pudding (Godiva tastes amazing in this cake!)
1 Cup Chocolate Chips (or white chocolate)
1 teaspoon Vanilla

Mix cake mix according to directions. Add dry pudding mix and stir until well incorporated. Add chocolate chips and vanilla. Bake according to the cake mix directions.

Serve with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Enjoy!

And if you want to see a sneak peak of my kitchen fall décor (full fall tour video coming later!)

Happy Wednesday, bloggy friends!! <3