First Show

We took the girls to see PJ Masks live this week. Evie Grace was beside herself. She kept saying "I'm so excited" as we drove the half hour trip. We offered to stop and get her french fries (Ella was asleep) before the show began, and she declined. She just wanted to see the PJ Masks show!

One we got there, both girls were mesmerized. For one and half hours, they were glued to the show! I was impressed with how well they handled sitting for that long. I honestly didn't know what to expect.

Ella would yell out for her favorite character, "Green!! Gecko!!" She was all about it. Also, she sat on Josh's shoulders for nearly the entire show. There were no seats behind us, so that worked out nicely. ;)

Evie Grace asked if we could go see it again, I explained to  her it was late, and they all needed their sleep. She fell fast asleep in the car and slept even as we transferred her to bed once we got home. I think all that excitement plumb wore her out.

So thankful for the sweet memories we are creating!

Backyard Tea Party

Last week, I had a last minute idea to set up a little tea party for the girls. I knew they would love it AND hey, I could get some cute pictures out of it.

So, I we primped and pampered. I gave the girls a bath, picked out their sweet little MJ Top Knot Outfits, scrunched there hair, and set up cookies & chocolate milk outside.

I just love the girls faces. They loved it! They may not remember it in the years to come, but I sure will. They are sweet dolly babies.

I love being their momma.

Trunk or Treat 2017

Presenting Cinderella and Snow White! Apparently, BFF's!

"Mommy, I'm pretty!", says Evie Grace.

We stopped for 50 cent Corndogs at Sonic, and Ella pipes up from the back seat: "Trick or Treat!!!" when the waitress arrived with our order. I got so tickled. ;)

Sisters forever. I love them so much. I don't want to forget ANYTHING.

Our Home at Fall

Tiny white pumpkins! I am slightly obsessed with them. And Evie's pumpkin craft moved to the window seal. Happy reminders while I work in the kitchen.

We've been eating a lot more at home, plus, with the weather change, it makes me enjoy being in the kitchen area much, much more. Josh bought me a new Scentsy burner, and I'm really loving it. 

Their fall artwork on display in our little schoolroom/family room. The leaves are my favorite! Also, that vintage barn came from my mom. It's my favorite little toy. So cute.

I lined up a few of their fall board books. I love how colorful they are! I need to add a few more to my collection this year.

That little leaf banner. Simple.

Sunday night baking: Pumpkin chocolate muffins! I need a new muffin pan, mine is ancient and starting to look at bit scary. ;)

Magic of Fall

Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons. ~Jim Bishop

Josh took me around our neighborhood to take pictures of the fall colors...I love the vibrant contrasts between the red, yellow, orange and gold. There's nothing quite like the paintbrush of our Heavenly Father. It's magical, isn't it?

Even more magical when you have little ones to share in the fun and beauty around us! Now, I'm off to sip my coffee, my cocoa, and devour pumpkin pie like it's my job. Happy Weekend! ;)


Things I want to remember...

How much they love to color at this stage.
How much they love playing with blocks, or "Box" as Ella likes to call them.
How Evie Grace has worn her Tinkerbell costume for two days in a row.
How Ella's hair just keeps getting curlier and curlier.
How much I love being a mom even when I'm so tired, I think I could sleep standing up. ;)

Life is full and oh so happy.

A Happy Friday Post

"Preserve your memories. Keep them well, what you forget, you can never retell" ~ Louisa May Alcott 

Fall colors have finally arrived! Nothing beats the color's my favorite. :) We were all a bit worried that we wouldn't get a colorful fall due to no rain and such a late arrival of fall weather. We've been spending time outside every day, and I'm loving the fact it's cool enough for hoodies at night! If I could live in my jeans and hoodie, I would.

I stumbled on an iced coffee brew that you can purchase at Target. It's called STOK coffee. Ever heard of it? I picked it up on a whim, and goodness, I am addicted. The carton is only $5 and usually lasts me all week. It has a smooth flavor with caramel undertones. Delicious!!! Try it if you like to mix up your coffee routines like I do. I drink mine with half and half. Creamy, goodness.

We have been busy little bees with pre-school. It makes me giggle to watch them interact. Most days are focused on reading aloud to them, coloring while listening to classical music, and plenty of time outside to play and let their imaginations run wild. We've also had mini "nature walks" in the backyard to collect leaves, sticks, and acorns. They also love it when I bring out the flash cards! We are focusing on counting to 10 right now.

Also, I've had my nose buried in mystery books over the last couple of weeks. I'll have to do a book post soon!

Happy Friday!