Our January Home

In our January home, you'll find lots of Mrs. Meyer's Products. This scent is my favorite. It smells so fresh and so clean! I like to give our house a big scrub down during the month of January.

Also, this is such a yummy candle. It smells so good! I've already switched it out again, but I'll bring it back out when we get a snow. *crosses fingers* We haven't had any snow! Or sleet! Or anything! Just below average temps and very damp days.

Which means, it's been Crockpot meals kind of weather! I know the Instapot is all the rage, but I just can't part with my good 'ol friend Crockpot. I've had him for years, and he works like a champ. Plus, what's better than the smell of dinner cooking throughout the afternoon while you work? To me, it's the best part of homemaking.

We are also back into the swing of preschool at home. We are focusing on letter sounds and recognition, using colorful counters, learning through play, and lots of snuggle (reading) time together.

And then She was Two!

I remember it like yesterday. Prepping her nursery. It was a tiny room, but perfect for our baby. We painted it green, and Josh hand drew the artwork that hung above her bed. The nursery was bunny themed, and yes, I bought a fluffy, pure white rug. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

I think we were all excited to bring her home and be a family of four. Between strict bed rest, multple overnight hospital stays, and a then week stay at the hospital after her birth, we were all ready. So ready to be home.

Look at that little snuggle bug!!!! She was a dream boat baby. Slept through the night by her first month. She napped like a champ. She loved being cuddled!

Where has the time gone, little one?

But, this last picture? It describes our Ella perfectly. The wild hair and a face covered in peanut butter. She's curious and mischievous and oh so ornery. ;) When you tell her "no" she laughs and does it again. And again. She's sweeter than honey and cute as a bug...hence her nickname, Ella Bug.

I love her so much. And now she is TWO.

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day 2017

"For it is in the giving that we receive." ~ Francis of Assisi 

My favorite thing in the whole wide world: buying my girls Christmas dresses. Truly, it just makes my heart pitter patter. And then when I see them wearing said dresses, it just makes my heart skip a beat. I love being a momma. A girl momma is the most fun, I believe. So, on Christmas Eve I snapped this picture to remember the red frilly dresses with a gold crown. Celebrating the Prince of Peace right down to their Christmas dresses.

Christmas Eve has always been the big family dinner night on my side of the family. Every year, my entire life, we gathered around for food and presents. This was the first year without Mimmie so it was very sad. And my papaw is very sick, but he came. And I should back up....the day before, I had my hair trimmed and dyed. I had wanted bangs, but forgot to ask the hairdresser until he had already styled my ahir. When I got to my parents, my mom had the idea to ask papaw to cut my bangs. He's a barber...has been for 40+ years. And so he did. Snip snip.

The night before....the excitement was high! It may have taken over an hour to get a certain 3 year old to settle down enough to sleep. Hmm...wonder who that could be?

This is what they saw on Christmas morning! I had hunted for months for that dollhouse. It's discontinued, but I finally found one. It came with all the pieces!

"Christmas is the day that holds all time together." ~Alexander Smith

Their favorite gift was from daddy---a PJ masks car! They are obsessed.

We ended the morning with cinnamon & orange rolls, a tradition.

It was such a wonderful Christmas in every way. So happy. :)

"For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty Founder was a child Himself." ~Charles Dickens

After all that excitement, mommy and daddy needed coffee. Of course. ;)

"It's true, Christmas can feel like a lot of work, particularly for mothers. But when you look back on all the Christmases in your life, you'll find you've created family traditions and lasting memories. Those memories, good and bad, are really what help to keep a family together over the long haul." ~Caroline Kennedy

Our Family Jammy Night

Well, Josh returned to his regular work hours today (cry face) and I figured it was a good time to catch up on blogging! Every year, I like to make a dinner just for us, and stay home a few days before Christmas. This year, we had Broccoli Rice and Cheese Casserole, and sparkling cider in our Christmas glasses. We put on Christmas pajamas and settled in. I totally forgot to take a picture of the actual meal...but, I figured pictures of our yummy dessert would suffice, eh? Ha!

I have heard rave reviews about this cheesecake. It's from the Carnegie Deli in Chicago. I ordered it through Gold Bely, and it arrived on our doorstep within 24 hours. I really loved it! It's creamy, and very dense. The crust was a surprise though, it's more of a sugar cookie crust than a traditional cheesecake crust.

She was excited about family time. :)

We watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, and the girls got to open a gift from their Aunt and Uncle. it was a wonderful night at home. :)

Up next, Christmas day recap!


I snapped this picture on Christmas Eve...the anticipation and excitement in their eyes!!! Priceless!

I'm praying you and yours had a blessed Christmas. We did!

I'll be cozied up for the rest of the week, savoring the last few days of our Christmas decorations, treats and books. Happy Thursday!

Our Christmas Home 2017

I can't believe it's almost here! No matter how much I try to keep it from sneaking up, it always does. I just wish the days could last just a little longer during this season. I love the colors, the music, the movies, the decorations. I took a TON of pictures this year. Looking back on years gone by just makes me oh so happy.

I bought this felt stuffed nativity this year. I had gift card money to Amazon, and I was trying to think of something that I really wanted to add to my decor this year. Then, I saw a similar nativity and thought it was the perfect way to add a tangible reminder of reason for this season! The kids LOVE to play with it, and it has quickly become one of my favorite pieces in the room.

This is my little reading corner. I set out the crown as a decor piece...it's actually a scentsy wrap warmer. But, I think it's pretty all on it's own!

This is my entry table. I love how our lights twinkle through the clear set. The sign over our door is a simple reminder to us as we come and go. I hope it encourages those who visit us, as well.

Sweet little "mistletoes".

I have my scentsy burner on all day long. We have been burning "Christmas Cottage". I love it! I also love those tiny trees in the window. :)

This is our dining table set up for our immediate family dinner. It was a lovely night, and I'll have to share more, soon. But, for now, I'm ready to catch up on a few blogs, read, and watch tv with my hubster. Happy almost Christmas!!!!!


Last week, we whipped up a batch of banana bread. I told the girls they could help. I think they were just a little bit excited!

When I told them that banana bread is Daddy's favorite, they took it even more seriously. And they couldn't wait to surprise him with it when he got home.

I've learned more this year, than any other, to take those extra minutes here and there to let the girls get involved. Yes, I could have made that bread in half the time, but their squeals of happiness was well worth slowing down and savoring the moment. I'm learning. I really am. ;)