Sunflower Unit Study

Last week, I was inspired to a do a mini unit study on Sunflowers with the girls.

With music playing, they colored pictures, explored the texture of the sunflower, munched on honey roasted sunflower seeds, and listened while I read "From Seed to Sunflower".

Nature, art, music, and time together. It's exactly what this momma heart needed. ❤

Happy Friday!

It's been a slower paced week. So thankful for that. Yet, somehow, I'm still behind on laundry. ;)

We've been hiking, swimming, reading, and sipping iced coffee on these slow, hot days of summer.

I'm quite ready for fall. Soooo tempting to decorate. But, I'm holding off. I usually get started at the end of August. But, I can just smell the cool crisp evenings of fall.

Until then, I'm ready for another dip at the pool! Hope you are all staying cool. Happy Friday!

Stress Busters For the Weary Mom

Stress relief is one hot topic for many moms! Over the last few years, I've earned simple stress management tips for our home that have helped me tremendously. I'm sharing not because I've perfected stress busters, but because I've had so many people ask me how I deal with it!

Of course, my tips are coming from my life as a stay at home mom. I know that many working moms have their own stressors (maybe one of you can chime in!).

1) Get Help When my second was born, I constantly battled fatigue and anxiety. That led to even more stress on our little family. There were many other things going on in the background of our lives, but I realized at the beginning of this year, that something needed to give. I realized I needed to talk to my doctor. While being tired and facing anxiety can be normal parts of life, the depth of what I was feeling was NOT normal. My doctor keyed into the fact that I was low on vitamins, and worked out a game plan for me. I followed her instructions, and the constant fatigue went away almost immediately. Which led to less anxiety. Which led to less stress. It's amazing how our bodies work and rely on intricate details! So my first piece of advice, is to get input on WHY you are so stressed. 

2) Set Boundaries This has been the hardest lesson for me. While I love the idea of attending every event and get together we are invited to, I have realized that it's okay to say "no". There are times when we keep our calendar clear and simply spend time together as a family of four. This allows us time to rest, heal, and bond together. This is also important during your daily routines as a stay at home mom. It's easy for nerves to get frazzled on all accounts! We have a set time each day that we reserve for quiet time. The girls get a special snack and show that is reserved specifically for quiet time. That way it's something they look forward to doing. I like to break quiet time into three things for myself: rest for a few minutes, speed clean and read or write. And of course, coffee. ;)

3) Fresh Air It never ceases to amaze me how fresh air can change attitudes. If I notice the girls getting fussy (or lets be honest, myself getting fussy) we will often grab ice pops and head to the front porch. Sometimes, we all jump on the trampoline or the girls play with their toys outside while I read for a bit in the shade. Regardless of what we do, getting outdoors and changing our scenery helps drastically. 

These are the things that have helped me! What steps do you take to keep stress at bay?


My Papaw passed away this morning. I will miss him so much.

I had my grandparents for 30+ years of my life...and it just feels so sad to think of milestones and holidays without them. They were there for everything, always.

Would you pray for our family? It would mean so much.

Our Cottage Farmhouse Living Room

We've been working on our living room for a few months, now. My goal was to incorporate a little bit of English Cottage and Farmhouse style. The biggest change that we've made since moving in was adding wainscoting to our walls. We opted to paint the lower half a solid, pure white. My hope was to lighten up our living room. I think my favorite decorative change, though, was buying buffalo check curtains. I'm kind of obsessed with buffalo check!

We also added the wainscoting to our kitchen/dining and hallway area. It really changed the look and added to depth to each of the rooms.

I have enjoyed having fresh flowers in our home for the majority of summer, but with the heat waves, I think that is coming to a close. So, I'm snapping pictures of my hydrangeas as fast as I can. ;)

Also, I love all thing white & blue! Happy Monday, friends. :)

Last Text Message

Last year, when we lost my Grandmother unexpectedly I remember thinking I wish I had something around my home to remember her by.

You see, when I was 14, I lost my Grandma Terri to cancer. I was very close to her, and I remember the grief coming like waves. Every night for weeks, months, and even years, I slept with the blankets that she made me. And now my entire family enjoys snuggling with them at night.

After Mimmie was gone, I wanted a simple reminder of her love that she had for us.

Fast forward a few weeks after her death, I was cleaning out my text messages when I realized I still had the last text that she had ever sent me. She had even included a message from my Papaw, who is now very Ill.

It may seem so trivial, but to me, it meant the world. I saved the image, and even posted it to my Instagram to look back on. I will also have it printed to frame for my gallery wall.

I love that God knows how much we need those little reminders. He is good.

Five Things Friday

Drinking: Ya'll, I've become obsessed with the swirled coffee flavors from Dunkin Donuts. I order an Iced Latte with Caramel Swirl. It is SO good. 

Reading: I had a chance to pick up a few novels from Mardel's. I'm about to dive into another Dee Henderson. Her crime novels are the BEST. 

Watching: Other than Incredibles 2, we haven't watched much TV this week.

Loving: We've been swimming every weekend so far this summer, and it has been wonderful. I don't enjoy the extreme heat, but swimming makes it much more bearable.  

Making: We have a potluck at church this week, so I will most likely make a batch of chocolate chips cookies or brownies.

How was your week? What things are you loving today?