joys of pregnancy

If I could write a letter to myself pre-baby it would go something like this...

Don't wish time away.
Savor every single moment.
Pack your hospital bags extra early.
Enjoy those sweet kicks because you will miss them.
Give yourself a break, and don't listen to anyone else. You've got the instincts you need.

My first and third trimesters were the hardest. My second trimester was definately the honeymoon phase. These days, I'm just trying to get a cute pre-preggo body back. Yet, I know that my body will always be different. It was worth it. ;)

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  1. Love your new blog. Will definitely be following along with both now. :)

    And, I love this list. I can relate to all of them especially not wishing the time away and packing your bags early. I'm due with #3 any day now so thanks for the reminder to enjoy these kicks while they last because, like you said, I will miss them!