Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lovely Things

Books: I just finished another book by Colleen Coble (review on Mrs. Southern Bride). That means I've read three books by her this year. I'm not joking when I say she's become a favorite!
Food: Talenti's Double Dark Chocolate Gelato. I mean...HELLO. Dark chocolate!
Music: Tim McGraw's old stuff. I bought a couple of his cd's and have been listening to them on repeat. I love country music.
Learning: To have more faith in myself.
Hoping: To find some new curtains for the living room, and finish our livig room makeover!

What's been on your radar lately?? <3


  1. Don't you just love Tim McGraw's older stuff? One of my all-time favorites is "Where the Green Grass Grows."
    That gelato sounds delicious!!!

  2. I LOVE Tim McGraw... and chocolate anything! That gelato sounds GOOD!

  3. A friend gave us a container of Double Dark and it's in our freezer right now but we haven't tried it out yet. Maybe I should go get a spoon.... :)


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