Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Front Porch Blessings

I love sprintime. I think it was God's idea to reward us with incredible beauty after such long winters. Winters here are not pretty. We don't get much snow. Just ice, and lots of cold. Winters tend to seep into mid march, and slowly fade with April. 

Our azalea bushes finally started blooming, and we purchased our yearly ferns for the front porch. I love the cool breeze that each evening brings, and honestly the pollen is worth it. Ha!

We've had fun taking Evie Grace outside to bask in the sunlight. She's starting to notice the flowers more, and she enjoys taking walks outside. Although, they do tend to put her to sleep. Nap magic? Indeed. ;)

I'm thankful for these beautiful days of spring, and sunshine, love and laughter, and oh so many memories with our little family of three.


  1. Beautiful photo!! Love the ferns & flowers. Just gorgeous.

    Amen on gorgeous Springtime. God is good! Xo

  2. Beautiful spring has followed us, first in Oregon, then to Northern California, then to South Texas, then to Arkansas and this week we're in Ohio. Blossoms everywhere!

    Amen to spring!

    Hugs and happy highways,

  3. Your front porch is so picturesque! I love it!
    Our azaleas just started blooming too!


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