Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday Vol. 2

The weather outside is...
Absolutely beautiful.

On the breakfast plate this morning...
Peanut Butter & Oatmeal Protein Bites + Iced Coffee with Honey & Cinnamon.

As I look outside my window...

The Sun is setting, and our flag is blowing in the wind.

Right now I am...
Blogging, and catching up with a few e-mails.

As I look around the house...

Josh is relaxing while Evie plays in her high chair .

Things That Make Me Happy...
Quiet evenings at home with Josh & Evie
Date nights with Josh
Watching my favorite shows with a giant cup of iced coffee

On today's to do list...

Speed Clean
Pictures & Walking with Kristina
Currently reading...
A book by Melissa Tagg
On the TV today...

The Waltons 

On the menu this week...
Crock Pot Pasta

Smothered Ranch Chicken & Veggies
Lentil & Ham Soup
Ham & Cheese Quesadillas 

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  1. Your evening sounds so lovely... And a lot like mine. :)
    The Waltons is such a great show.

  2. That picture is breathtaking! And the Waltons are awesome!

  3. What a pretty picture :) Love The Waltons, what a great show, wish there were more like that. :)

  4. Your breakfast sounded delish!

    I haven't watched the Walton's in ages - but that show was so good!

    Nice to find a new blog friend. ;) Hope you're having a great week! XO

  5. I love your "Things that make me happy" category. Have a great week!


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