Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday Tidbits

{real} Little miss has been going through another round of teething. This time, it was her molars coming in, and let me just say, boy howdy. We all lost a LOT of sleep, and spent a lot of time just holding her. She really just wanted her daddy. On Friday, she had been crying for him, and when he got home from work she snuggled right up to him and finally fell asleep. I think it's kind of amazing that they understand at such a young age that daddy's are a safe place, and can always make you feel better. Josh may pretend it doesn't phase him, but he's a total pool of mush. I'm not fooled. ;)

{happy} I've been making time to read a little each day. I usually get a good half hour to myself during the day (sometimes more if I'm caught up with housework). But mainly, the early mornings are my "me" time. I finished up these two books within the last week, and both were wonderful, although entirely different story lines. I picked up "Where Courage Calls" by Janette Oke because I had recently started watching "When Calls The Heart" (Based on the earlier novels by Oke) on Netflix. It is SO good! If you were a fan of the "Love Comes Softly" Movie series, you'd probably enjoy it. I realize it is borderline cheesy, but honestly, I'm all about cheesey Hallmark goodness. Also, Janette Oke will always be one of my favorite Christian fiction authors. I've read most of her books, minus the ones she co-wrote with T. Davis Bunn. I guess I need to find copies of them soon.

{funny} I'll spare a picture of this one, and just share a funny from "mom life". This morning, we had a slow start. I turned on cartoons for Evie while I prepped coffee & muffins for breakfast (obviously, the coffee is for me, haha). I caught up with a few blogs, finished the last few pages in the book above, and set out breakfast for Evie. I was thinking what a nice morning it was. Until, I realized Evie had a blow out diaper & I forgot to put new wipes on her changing table. :D How many times will I do that before I learn my lesson? I may never know. Or rather, want to know. Now, excuse me while I go re-stock the nursery.

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  1. As sad as it is that your baby girl is teething, I think it's so sweet that she wants her daddy! I love what you said about knowing he's a safe place! Such a beautiful perspective.
    My sister was just telling me about that series on Netflix so now I'm extra excited to check it out.
    Love your diaper story and have definitely been there before! :)

  2. Prayers for the teething...
    I remember those days.
    I share your love of reading...
    Have a wonderful weekend! : )

  3. Oh, the lessons we learn! Oh, the opportunity!

    Daddy's girl!


  4. Aw, that's such a cute story about your little girl. Such a sweet "daddy's girl" tale. :)

    I'm all about Hallmark cheesiness too. Who doesn't enjoy those!?

  5. Aww, poor baby with the teething! I hope she feels better soon and you can all get some sleep!


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