Tuesday, July 28, 2015

First Baby Bump Update!

I thought I'd finally get around to posting about this pregnancy. I'm actually 13 weeks now, but this picture was taken at 11 weeks. The one thing that stands out about this pregnancy is that in a lot of my symptoms are very similiar. My nausea happened at night like with my first pregnancy and it lasted about an hour or so. Weeks 4-8 were the worst. The only thing that helped reduce the nausea was lemon water! And I craved lemons my entire pregancy with Evie. ;)

I think the tougher part of this pregnancy is that I gained a few pounds right at first. I think most of this was the fact I didn't do much of anything...the exhaustion really took the wind out of me! That has been the main difference. I don't remember being tired during my first pregnancy at all.

Thanks to my hormones, I am very, very bloated. I pulled out the maternity pants at 10 weeks. I tried the rubber band trick, but I thought it made my pants look funny. Most of my non maternity shirts & skirts still work so that makes me feel better. Haha!

We already picked out names. One night Josh and I sat down with a baby name book and they just clicked. We both loved them right away and decided we were good to go!

I'll have my next ultrasound in about a week. I can't wait to see that little chicken nugget and hear that sweet heartbeat.


  1. What a glow there is about you!

    Hugs and happy days ahead,

  2. How wonderful you look!
    Such an exciting time in your lives!
    Enjoy. : )

  3. You look beautiful! So fun to see a picture of you.
    I was in my first trimester last summer and it was awful! The heat only exaggerated my nausea so that I didn't feel up to doing anything - and gained a lot of weight too! So worth it though, of course!
    Hope you start feeling better soon!

  4. So exciting! I can't wait to hear the names you picked out. It took us until the day before Ethan was born to pick out his name. I was positive he was Mia Grace. ;)

  5. You look very pretty Heather. Just put your giveaway package in the mail on Monday. Hope it reaches you soon.

  6. Congratulations of this new 'adventure!' You look wonderful!!


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