Tuesday, July 21, 2015


You'd think I'd have a book to write on all the things I've learned as my first year as a mom.

The one thing that really comes to mind is grace

Oh, how He gives grace. Grace on the late nights when you are so tired that walking across the floor hurts. Or how He gives grace when you have a sick baby, and quickly have your fears calmed thanks to those after hour phone lines. Or grace when you snap at your husband because your HORMONES aren't quite back to normal. 

But, also, I've seen God's love for us through our role as parents.

I love her so much it hurts. I would do anything to protect her. 

The amazing thing is that my love for her is just a tiny reflection of God's love for us. Just a tiny drop in the ocean. He's our heavenly Father. He loved us so much He sent His only Son to die for us. 

The cross and resurrection have taken on a whole new level of sacredness to me.

It's a humbling reality of love, redemption, and grace. 


  1. Thanks for dropping by Nanaland!! I have enjoyed reading your pretty blog. Congrats on your exciting news. I too found out I was pregnant just before my first born son turned 1! In fact, we told the family at his birthday party. That was 35 years ago but seems like it was just yesterday in many ways!! And like you, I enjoy reading. I just finished Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee and I loved it.

  2. What a beautiful post.

    Hugs and happy highways,

  3. Beautiful.
    And oh, so true.
    Love your beautiful space here. : )

  4. Heather, you won my give a way at Nanaland...please email me your address at agrimm55@hotmail.com. Thanks and congrats!

  5. What beautiful reflections! And so true! Thanks for sharing!
    That photo is BEAUTIFUL!

  6. enjoyed look over your blog...great thoughts on motherhood...the journey into that excites me and scares me all and know I wil need all God's grace and strength. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Amen. This actually made me cry. Beautiful. And so true!

  8. Amen. This actually made me cry. Beautiful. And so true!

  9. Amen. This actually made me cry. Beautiful. And so true!

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