Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Thank You Lord for Everything (Review)

This book arrived a few weeks ago, and it quickly became Evie's favorite. She may be only 1 1/2 years old, but she has already shown an interested in books (read: she likes to pull alll the books off the shelf all day everyday...haha). Needless to say, she also understands that some books are hers to carry around and play with. With this book, we have both found her sitting on the floor turning the pages. To say that the colors and pictures really stand out would be an understatement.

She also loves to listen to me read it to her. The storyline is just long enough to keep her entertained, and short enough that she doesn't lose interest. Out of all the children's books we've reviewed this year this one is my favorite. It's just a precious book, and one that we will refer to again and again as we teach the importance of giving thanks.

The topic is simple: Giving thanks to the Lord for everything. It's a great book to begin planting seeds of character development, and introduce a simple devotional reading to younger kids.

I received our copy in exchange for an honest review from the kind folks at BookLook Bloggers.

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