Wednesday, September 9, 2015

We're Having A...

So last week was the "big reveal". It actually took a while for the doctor to get a good look, but we are most definitely having another GIRL!!! Since then, we have painted the nursery, finalized her name, and have a crib being shipped soon. It's starting to feel very "real" to me that we will soon be adding another little one to our home. 

I'm nearly half way finished with this pregnancy...and if she's anything like Evie, then I'm over half way done. Haha! I really wanted to have little details finished and in place before Thanksgiving. I know once the holidays arrive there won't be as much time to prepare....not to mention I'll not be feeling as chipper. 

On Saturday, we went yard selling. It had been a while since I'd had any luck, but had noticed there were quite a few adds featuring baby items, and toddler clothing. We ended up hitting an amazing yard sale. Tons of quality, like new baby clothes. I bought roughly 30 outfits for about $20. Not bad! So baby sister has her own little wardrobe started. I went through a lot of Evie's newborn clothes, and while man outfits will work, I needed to invest in warmer outfits. Evie was born in the dead of summer, while baby sister will be born in the dead of winter. 

Last night, Josh took me to the city next door to take care of a few things. We ended the night sharing a pumpkin spice latte (which was DELICIOUS), and on the way home it started POURING rain. It was insane. When we finally got home we all sat on the back patio and listened to it hitting the tin roof. It felt so good to feel the temperature drop. I think fall is finally making her appearance around here. I went to bed feeling very happy, and thankful for our life. God is very good, and gracious in all the things He has done to remind us of His love.


  1. Congratulations! How exciting! I didn't think about that, but you will have to get a whole new wardrobe for her, won't you? It's hard when they are born in opposite seasons.

  2. Hi! New to your blog😊. Congratulations and I wish you and your family all the best as you wait for your new bundle of joy! Love this time of year.... Pumpkin everything! Have a great day!


  3. Congrats, Heather! Sounds like an exciting time for your family. :)

  4. Sisters are the best! Congrats on another precious girl!
    Wow, that's a steal on baby clothes! My first two were spring/summer babies and having my third in March has forced me to invest in new boy clothes so it's great that you're taking care of that now.
    Your evening sounds wonderful - pouring rain is the best way to end a hot summer day!

  5. Congrats on another precious girl!!

  6. Congrats! So excited for you and your family.


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