Monday, November 30, 2015

DIY Mini Christmas Photo Shoot

My friend Kristina and I brainstormed our own Christmas mini photo shoot. She made the Christmas banner, and I pulled together the decor. The crates were my mom's, and they worked perfectly. I found the cutest little Christmas lollypops, which of course the kids loved and it kept them happy for pictures. We had a blast taking pictures of our kiddos, and the best part is that we saved a ton of money by doing it ourselves!

While my background is photography, I would be the first to admit that it has taken a much needed back seat as I adjust to being a mother. The last few weeks however, I've had a blast wearing my photographer hat for a few friends & family members. Just the way I like it.

I love this next photo, because it really depicts her personality!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bumpdate 30.5 Weeks!

I'm already well into my 30th week of pregnancy! The last few weeks have flown by, as we began preparing for the holiday season with family. Heartburn has really amped up, and I've had a horrible cold for several days. Other than that, the little peanut is measuring right on track!

We finally made some head way with her nursery. We wanted to keep things simple, and budget friendly, so most of the pieces in her room were thrifted. There are a couple of amazing thrift stores in our area, and I was able to score several things that I've been looking for. My mom is making the baby quilt, and I can't wait to see what it will look like all together!

I've stocked up on bottles, newborn jammies, and the crib is set up. The only thing I'm lacking, is a place for baby to rest when she isn't sleeping. When Evie was a newborn I used the pack & play around the clock...but I'm thinking that might no work with a toddler. I can see her trying to pick her up when my back is turned. So either a pack & play or a bassinet is on my list of "to finds" before baby girl arrives.

Oh, and I FINALLY found their first set of matching outfits. They happened to be Carter's brand which was on sale, and I had a coupon. How could I resist? ;)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday Vol. 9

The weather:::
It's a bit cooler, overcast, and drizzly right now. I think that's the forcast for most of the week. I forsee lots of hot chocolate & Christmas movies in the future.

As I look outside my window:::
It's drizzling.

Right now I am::: 
Blogging & Thinking about so many things going on in the background of life. 

Thinking and pondering:::
My thoughts have been on Paris, and the heartache that so many people are going through. It makes my troubles seem much less potent.

On my tv this week:::

We usually watch Frazier, The Voice, and occasionally Fixer Upper. :)

Listening to:::
Curious George cartoon that's on.

On the menu for this week:::

Monday - Savory Roast, Homemade Bread, Mashed Potatoes, Salad, and Sweet Tea
Tuesday - French Dip Sandwiches 
Wednesday - Breakfast for Dinner
Thursday - Blackened Fish, Baked Brocolli (new recipe), and Mashed Potatoes 
Friday - Taco Soup & Pumpkin Poke Cake 
Saturday - Out
Sunday -  Leftovers
On my to do list:::


Finish Putting Up Christmas
Clean Bathrooms
Put Away Laundry
Make bread
Edit Pictures

Happening this week:::
Lots of catching up around the house, and planning Thanksgiving side dishes. :)

What I am creating:::

Christmas pictures. I took a ton last night of Evie, and another family friend last night. We had so much fun, and the girls were being so adorable. Of course. Haha!

My simple pleasure:::
Pinterest for decorating & recipe ideas, sipping coffee with a treat. ;)  

Looking around the house:::
Well we got started on Christmas decor that way we don't have much to do come Decemeber. Lots of extra items still sitting around that needs to be sorted, and put away. I'll be posting pictures soon!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Home Tour: Evelynn's Baby Bird Room

When we started planning Evelynn's room (our first born), we both wanted it to be both a peaceful and beautiful place. We chose the traditional color of pink with white & green accents. It was so much fun planning all the details, and watching it come together. Both of our moms helped with painting, re-doing furniture, and helping us pick out several pieces. Josh put together the crib, and hung the chandelier. The lighting was the most important aspect to him!

We spent a lot of time in flea markets trying to find the perfect dresser. We stumbled on an antique dreser that needed a lot of TLC. My mom painted it with white chalk paint, and we replaced the middle handle with a beautiful parisian knob we found at Hobby Lobby. The nursery theme was baby birds, so I was excited to find fabric via Coursel! His mom found those tiny baby birds for me to use, and they were the perfect addition. The lamp was my favorite find from Target! I stumbled on it one day, and it was $30. I decided to wait and see if I could find something simliar for a better price. A few days later I was at Target again when I saw that it was on sale, so I snagged it up for $20! Talk about an elated feeling. I also found the mirror at a flea market for a steal. It was an oak color, so Josh painted it using the same chalk paint that my mom used on the dresser. It turned out perfectly.

On the day we found out we were expecting Evie, we had a date night. I picked out this build a bear, and named him Mr. Snuggles. She sleeps with him every night, and he has been very loved by our now hyper toddler. <3

Everything came together perfectly, and it's still our favorite room in the house. Yet, in just a few short months we will slowly be changing out a few things for Evie's new "big girl" room. So, I needed to document all it's sweet little beauty for my future mama heart.


Crib: Wal-Mart (Charlotte Crib by Fisher Price)
Large E Monogram: Gift
Sheets & Quilt Fabric: Carousel Designs
Crib Skirt: Target
Rocking Chair: Gift
Ruffled Curtains: Target
Glass Lamp: Target
Sheer Fabric: Hobby Lobby

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Simple Things

The last few weeks have felt like a whirlwind of craziness. Of course, hormones tend to wreck havoc on my usual "cool as a cucumber" (as Josh & my dad call it) personality. I don't usually get myself in a tizzy, and can keep my cool. But lately, the littlest things have made me want to crawl out of my skin. I haven't been the most pleasant person to be around. Cough, cough. ;)

Quiet time, drinking water, and just a few minutes of exercise have made a huge difference. It's funny how easy it is to lose sight of daily rituals when you allow the "busyness" of life to invade. I've also invested in several new Bible studies, all of which are very poingent for me right now. Two devotionals by Beth Moore, plus I am reading through a wonderful book by Vicky Courtney. I feel like God has been teaching me to be greatful for the little things. Otherwise, how can He entrust me with the bigger things?

Last night, Josh re-arranged our living room for me. I was hankering for a little change, and it was EXACTLY what I needed. I enjoyed cleaning the living room this morning simply because the new layout made my heart sing.

I'm so thankful for our growing family, our little home, and every tiny blessing that God has given us. Life is truly a gift.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Toddler Approved Finger Paint

We've had a rainy/drizzly couple of days, so I knew we needed a fun activity for this morning. I spent over an hour scouring different homemade recipes. I wanted to use ingredients that we already had, plus I wanted a toddler safe formula. Also, I didn't have food coloring so I used jello. I found one that used potato flakes of all things! Here's the recipe for anyone that's curious:

  • Instant Potato Flakes
  • Jello 
  • Warm Water
Just mix equal parts potato flakes & jello (the more jello the darker the color), and add water slowly. Mix until you get the desired consistency. I left it pretty thick so it would be a little more fun to play with for Evie. :) The texture is very different from traditional finger paint which made for a great sensory play time, too. 

Needless to say, she LOVED it. Messy, but fun!

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Bump Update!

The last two weeks were quite the doozey! I was eating a sub sandwich when I felt crazy intense pain in my back molar. The next morning, I was able to get into the dentist right away. Ended up having an emergency wisdom tooth removal, plus the wisdom tooth had cracked my back molar. Oh, the pain! I was feeling pretty good for a couple of days, then all the sudden the pain came back pretty intensely. I ended up getting dry socket (oh the joy!), which of course led to a migraine. I'm a pretty independent gal, and don't like asking for help, but I confess all that pain led to nausea. My parents happily helped with Evie so I could catch up on rest, which was a huge blessing!! I'm thankful that's behind me. :)

We are crusing along now at 27 1/2 weeks. The time has simply FLOWN by! I seriously cannot wrap my head around it. Ha! We worked on Ella's nursery this weekend, and I found some cute things while out thrifting. My find of the weekend was the cutest vintage dress that I will hang on her wall collage. I also ordered fabric for her baby bed blanket, and was able to pick out a couple other things.

Some of my dearest friends (Anna & Kristina) hosted a diaper shower for me yesterday. I told them to keep it simple, but they surprised me with a pumpkin themed shower! It was adorable, and oh my goodness...such a huge blessing! I came home with enough diapers to open a store! Haha!! ;)

I'm starting to feel that third trimester slowly crept up on me with Evie's pregnancy. Honestly, this pregnancy has been eerily similiar with timing/feelings/pangs/etc. I'm uncomfortable, starting to gain in my face, and just feel drained a lot. Ahem. But otherwise, doing well.

She will be here before we know it!! <3

My Little Unicorns

We found a couple of unicorns on our front porch yesterday! We decided to keep them. *wink* 😍

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