Monday, November 2, 2015

Bump Update!

The last two weeks were quite the doozey! I was eating a sub sandwich when I felt crazy intense pain in my back molar. The next morning, I was able to get into the dentist right away. Ended up having an emergency wisdom tooth removal, plus the wisdom tooth had cracked my back molar. Oh, the pain! I was feeling pretty good for a couple of days, then all the sudden the pain came back pretty intensely. I ended up getting dry socket (oh the joy!), which of course led to a migraine. I'm a pretty independent gal, and don't like asking for help, but I confess all that pain led to nausea. My parents happily helped with Evie so I could catch up on rest, which was a huge blessing!! I'm thankful that's behind me. :)

We are crusing along now at 27 1/2 weeks. The time has simply FLOWN by! I seriously cannot wrap my head around it. Ha! We worked on Ella's nursery this weekend, and I found some cute things while out thrifting. My find of the weekend was the cutest vintage dress that I will hang on her wall collage. I also ordered fabric for her baby bed blanket, and was able to pick out a couple other things.

Some of my dearest friends (Anna & Kristina) hosted a diaper shower for me yesterday. I told them to keep it simple, but they surprised me with a pumpkin themed shower! It was adorable, and oh my goodness...such a huge blessing! I came home with enough diapers to open a store! Haha!! ;)

I'm starting to feel that third trimester slowly crept up on me with Evie's pregnancy. Honestly, this pregnancy has been eerily similiar with timing/feelings/pangs/etc. I'm uncomfortable, starting to gain in my face, and just feel drained a lot. Ahem. But otherwise, doing well.

She will be here before we know it!! <3


  1. Oh, no! I was a dental assistant for years. Dry sockets are not fun at all! I'm glad you're better now. Your bump is the cutest. I love the name, too.

  2. You look simply stunning!
    So sorry about the teeth trouble.
    Have a cozy day...She will be snuggling with you soon!

  3. Wow, you're getting there... just a couple more months now!

    I got dry socket too when I had my wisdom teeth out. It was no fun! I hope you're feeling back to normal.

  4. Aw, you look great! And what a blessing diapers are!!


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