Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spilled Thoughts

The sun is setting, and I find myself once again marveling at the idea I've survived another day with two under two. I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things, but I wanted to give myself a few weeks of grace before trying to pick up a more regular routine!

Ella is the sweetest, most content baby. She sleeps & eats like a champ! Honestly, I'm surprised at how easy she has been to care for. I'm loving the baby snuggles, and occasionaly find myself shedding tears over the reality that she is HOME, and she is HERE...and my due date is still days away. Hormones are a funny thing. ;)

Evie has adjusted fairly well. She giggles anytime the baby makes noise, and likes to "pat" her on the arm or tummy. The only time we've noticed jealousy, is whenever she needs us, and we've got the baby in our arms. I can't blame her. I just love watching her admire her sister, and I think they will be the best of friends very soon.

The roughest part for us over last few weeks, was last weekend when Evie has the WORST teething episode yet. She's cutting two teeth (one of which is a molar) at once. She typically runs fever, and gets yucky diaper rashes whenever she teeths. Friday, she cried most of the day, so Josh and I just took turns holding her. Broke my heart!!

Tomorrow will be the first time I've had to cook dinner. Our friends & family showered us with meals for 1 1/2 weeks, plus they stocked our fridge. I joked with Josh that it may be hard for me to return to the world of cooking. Ha! I'm kidding. Sort of. ;-)

Other random news: I'm finally caught up on When Calls The Heart again, and I'm not catching up with Downton Abby. I just finished season thre of Downtown, and my goodnesss, what a stinky way to end that season! I may have to send Josh to the store for season 4. Also, I feel the need to start drinking tea in the afternoon. Any brands that you lovely ladies may recommend??

Thank you so much for the congratulations, and well wishes. You blog readers are truly the sweetest friends. I'm thankful.


  1. Oh...happy days. : )
    Your babies are beautiful...and are blessed.
    Good for you for easing back into things.
    This is such a special time in your life...savor every moment.
    Life will be there when you are ready!
    So stay in your jammies, get take out for dinner, spend hours rocking those babies.
    It all passes in the blink of an eye, : )

  2. Congrats Heather!! Oh what beautiful blessings. ;) Give yourself time on the hormones and they'll get sorted. I envy those sweet days of the past with Littles. Enjoy every second for it flies so quickly. Get some extra rocking chair for me (that was always a favorite - the rock and cuddle with a newborn).

    I can't remember how season 3 ended on Downton - but I'm sure it gets better, as many seasons ended wonderfully!! (was that the Matthew ending?)

    There's a lot of wonderful basic Lipton teas that are good. But I also love many of the Republic of Tea teas. A bit more expensive, but they hold a lot and last a long time.

    Again congrats and peace and blessings to you and your beautiful little Family! xoxo


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