Wednesday, February 24, 2016

5 Things I Love About Life Right Now

February is that in-between month that leaves you longing for spring as winter slowly withers away. Some days are warm, and the sky so blue it looks like the perfect paint sample. Other days are a stark contrast with a drizzling cold that seems to seep right to your bones. Our state is funny like that...extreme.

Despite the weather toying with my mind, I find that these days I'm enjoying our life right now. It took a while, but I'm bumping along on this road of stay at home mommyhood. A few things I'm really loving...

...The age Evie is at is just adorable. She's so full of life, and laughter. She loves learning, exploring, and trying to be a grown up. She loves to give us "group hugs" when daddy gets home. He's still her favorite person, and it's all screams & giggles when he walks through the door. She has become rather obsessed with books. I find her looking through board books and picture books throughout the day. I think I'll share some of our favorite kiddo books soon!

...Having a pudgy newborn to smooch on. She's a total sugarbear. She very rarely fusses, but when she does, and I pick her up she just smiles, and does that cute "silent laugh" thing. I adore it. I also love dressing her in baby gowns. Gowns were not my thing with Evie...she was always bunched up. But, Ella loves to stretch, so the gown have been perfect!

...Watching Evie become a big sister has been so fun. I am shocked at how much she adores her baby sister. Most of the time she loves to kiss her, pat her belly, and give her hugs. The first week was rough, but after that it's been smooth sailing. The only thing we are working on now is that she shouldn't be stealing the baby's paci. Haha!

...I'm home so much more than I would have ever expected. I'm an on the go kind of person, but when we had our first, I learned to be more content at home. Well, that has tripled since we had Ella. I love being home. Changing diapers, cleaning house, and menu planning are SO my thing! I really love being a housewife. I know our generation scoffs at that, but truly homemaking is such a fun art. It allows me to tap in on so many "passions" that I have whether it's cooking, decorating, mothering, entertaining, organizing, etc. Can anyone else relate?

...Our new "clean eating" lifestyle has sailed along. I'm kind of surprised at how much easier, and cheaper it is that I would have thought. I still enjoy treats here and there, but have learned to love veggies with a new gusto. I think that stems from trying so many different recipes!

So, that's what I've been loving lately. Nothing life shattering, but little things that make my heart happy. :)

What have you been loving lately? Linking up with Big White Farmhouse


  1. I really love being home as well. I love cooking, baking, creating and spending time with my kiddo so much.

  2. A really beautiful post...It puts a BIG smile on this Momma's face.


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