Thursday, February 25, 2016

50 Things To Do This Year

I keep thinking of so many things that I want to do...and then I forget to do them. Mommy brain, much? Anyway, I thought I'd jot down 50 happy things that I would like to do within the next year.

By doing so, it will help me stay motivated, plus it will push me to better myself and/or create memories with my family. It's a win/win all the way around!

  1. Visit the Daffodil Festival.
  2. Learn to make jam or jelly.
  3. Go to a public garden.
  4. Practice a new photo technique.
  5. Take pictures using studio lights.
  6. Finish one entire year of Project Life.
  7. Print instagram family album.
  8. Finish Evie's baby book.
  9. Start Ella's baby book.
  10. Learn to make Lasagna from scratch.
  11. Go to the lake.
  12. Start a sunday afternoon drive tradition.
  13. Deep clean the house.
  14. Go on a date with Josh once a week.
  15. Sell our house.
  16. Plant okra & tomatoes this year.
  17. Take a day "off" once a week.
  18. Start a recipe based blog.
  19. Sell vintage collections online.
  20. Read at least two classics a year.
  21. Go on an overnight trip with Josh sans kids. ;)
  22. Start yard saling again!
  23. Chalk paint a furniture piece.
  24. Take more pictures of nature.
  25. Watch a sunset on a mountain top.
  26. Make a cheesecake from scratch.
  27. Read two young adult novels a year.
  28. Find an old classic show to watch from beginning to end.
  29. Keep up with my Bible journaling.
  30. Memorize more verses.
  31. Plant roses.
  32. Find a tea that I will love to drink.
  33. Pefect an iced coffee recipe.
  34. Go on a road trip within the state.
  35. Read at least one book to the girls a day.
  36. Try to walk at least twice a week.
  37. Start biking with Josh whenever possible.
  38. Start benchpressing with Josh again.
  39. Eat clean on an 80/20 rule.
  40. Make a least one new veggie recipe a week.
  41. Clean out master closet.
  42. Watercolor with Evie.
  43. Go for walks around town. 
  44. Take Evie to the library.
  45. Learn to make biscuits from scratch.
  46. Learn a few words in French.
  47. Host a sit down dinner.
  48. Find a new candle scent to burn.
  49. Keep my Orchid alive. (it only lasted 3 phooie on that one, ha!)
  50. Get new tennis shoes.


  1. What a great list! I love the simplicity of so many of them.

  2. Love this Heather! So fun to read someone else's list and think about what's on my own. Lol ;)

    I can maybe help with a few of yours. If you want a wonderful ice coffee recipe go to Pioneer Woman's website ( ) and look iced coffee up on her search. She has a really yummy one! ;)

    Also, I recommend watching "Bringing up Baby" with Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant for a classic movie (if you haven't seen it). I have a thing for Katharine Hepburn anyway. But it is one of my favorites, and I think funniest, movies of all time.

    Finally, I just got a yankee candle catalog the other day and they have some really fun Easter looking candles in there that you could see on their website.

    Blessings to you Friend! xoxo

  3. I laughed when I saw number 49 - we gave our grand daughter an orchid for her 21st because she is in to plants and gardens and such. It died! I'll go and find her something else that is not living and give her that instead to make up for it. Good luck with yours :)


  4. Hi dear Heather! What a fun and fabulous list! Visiting the daffodil festival would be simply delightful! They are my favorite spring flower :)

    And a recipe based blog...yes, please! I am always on the lookout for yummy recipes.

    I had to giggle about you keeping your orchid alive. I have a brown thumb and I have given up trying to grow anything inside....well, outside too :)

    Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Have a lovely weekend! Hugs!

  5. Super list! I found that most of them were very doable things, which is motivating!


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