Monday, February 8, 2016

Project Life Album 2015

I got started with Project Life last year. It was my birthday gift from Josh, and I thought it would be a great investment. I've spent the last few days playing catch up, and adding embellishments here and there. It's the perfect memory keeping system! It fits my personality. I like that it's easy, simple, and can be customized to fit your style!

I chose the Strawberry Edition for my starter packs. The color scheme is very vibrant, and just girly enough to satisfy my tastebuds. I'm hoping to finish up 2015 in the next couple of weeks so that I can get started on a new album for 2016!

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  1. ADORABLE! These pages look so professional!

  2. Love it Heather!! Your pages are so pretty and it's so wonderful to be able to keep up more in the moment with your memories. ;) Thanks for sharing! xoxo


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