Friday, February 12, 2016

Tot School: The Color Red

This week, Evie got to attend her first Valentine party. She didn't have a clue it was a party, but she certainly enjoyed playing with the kids. ;) The next day, I thought it would be fun to have a "red day" and work on some tot school together.

I've noticed she so curious, and eager to learn these days. Many times I find her pulling board books off the shelf, and studying the pictures. Her main sentence these days are, "What is this?" or "What is that?". I realize she is still so young, but I think a few minutes of "structured" learning wouldn't hurt. I dare say she enjoyed it due to the melt down afterwards (it was nap time). ;)

So for our first round of tot school we learned about the color red. We put on a red dress, ate a red apple, built a tower with red blocks, colored with red crayons, made red crafts, and used red water colors. Then throughout the day, I would point out other red items. It was fun! I'm ready to figure out another fun "color" day at home.


  1. Oh yes!!!
    Keep it up!
    Such wonderful memories of those fleeting days. : )
    Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!!!

  2. What a fun idea! And looks like Evie was loving it. ;) Blessings for a wonderful Valentine's weekend. xoxo


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