Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday Vol. 15

The weather...
Spring is finally here! And with it came a bit of a cold snap...BUT it's a beautiful day outside, and the skies are clear blue. Can't complain! ;)

 Right now I am... 
Sipping water, enjoying the lull of late afternoon, listening to curious george in the background...

About the faithfulness of God. It has been a tough two years, and honestly, every day is simply a gift. 

On my TV...
We are looking for a new show to watch. We've tried several new shows and they just don't seem to fit our taste buds. Any suggestions?

What I'm Reading...
Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman
Little Women

On the menu for this week...
Leftover Corned Beef, Colcannon, Irish Soda Bread & Sald (we had a big Irish themed dinner over the weekend)
Buffalo Chicken Casserole, Asian Slaw & Green Beans
Thai Chicken Soup & Rice
Turkey, Baked Broccoli & Mashed Potatoes
Soup & Salad

On my to do list...
Speed Clean
Answer E-mails
Work on Baby Books

In the craft basket...
Artwork project with Evie

 Looking forward to this week...
Quality time with friends & loved ones.


  1. Such a precious photo Heather. Just the look of perfect contentment. ;)

    I know Dancing with the Stars starts back on tonight and it's a fun show! Celebrities (think even football players) have a dance teacher teach them how to do different dances. As they move on and get better they do theme nights - like Disney night, best year of your life, movie night etc.

    Blessings on the Easter week ahead dear Gal! xoxo

  2. Such a precious photo! and Little Women? I love this HHM crowd : ) Have a great week.

  3. Such a precious baby! As for TV -- we watch The Middle and The Goldbergs as family shows. I'll often watch an episode of The Office or Seinfeld when I'm nursing the baby.

    It's getting harder and harder to suit our tastes, especially with a 10 year old. Good luck!

  4. Echoing Carrie, addicted to DWTS now. But as for scripted shows, I'm mostly "into" crime dramas which may not be your cup of tea. "When Calls the Heart" is always sweet and The Good Witch is going to start on Hallmark again in April, another cute one. :)


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