Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March Goals

February Recap & March Goals...

Faith: I've enjoyed having quiet time each day, and spending more time in prayer. My goal again this month, is to carve out a few minutes throughout the day for scripture reading & prayer time.

Health: I have really stuck to my guns on this! I've been working out, drinking plenty of water, and stuck to an 80/20 rule with clean eating. I enjoyed the occasional treat, and did so without guilt. And honestly, I've had a blast learning ways to make our favorite meals healthier. 

Marriage: We were able to enjoy a date night last week! We've also enjoyed watching movies after the kids go to bed. It's been nice. :) My goal is to continue having date nights, and to start reading a devotional together.

Project Life: This is the only area that I didn't get to work on. I'm more hopeful for this month!

Reading: I read one book, and started another. Not bad! My goal this month is to read two books. One non-fiction, and one fiction book.

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  1. Great goals, Heather - yay for healthier eating. That's always a feel-good accomplishment. :)

  2. I am with you on the date night goals. We have watched a few good movies at home recently!


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