Sunday, March 6, 2016

What I'm into (February Edition)

I'm a little late posting this, but here's a fun recap of the things I LOVED during the month of February...

With February being my birthday month, I splurged on a copy of Little Women. It's from Usborne, and offered precious illustrations.

I also continued reading Audacious by Beth Moore. I'm going through this with my friend Lauren, and we are using it as a Bible study. I also started reading through the The Power of a Praying Wife devotional. I read through it last year, and wanted to do it again this year. It's an amazing, eye opening book. I love being challenged to pray for specific areas!

We finished watching the entire show of Frazier. It was really sad for me. I really learned to love Frazier despite all his quirks, and it was fun watching his family find happiness. I also zipped through the second season of When Calls The Heart on Netflix. Ya'll, I just LOVE that show. I'm a total sucker for sweet and sappy love stories. I also watched the 4th & 5th season of Downton Abby. I should probably note, I don't usualy watch that much TV, but I was still in "post partum" recovery mode, so laying on the couch took place more than usual. Oh, and I may or may not have started Parenthood again. It's a beautiful show on so many levels. If you are a fan of Gilmore Girls, I recommend it. Yes, there was one season that I could have done without, but other than that, it was just good. So good.

We didn't watch many movies during the month of February. The only movie we rented worth mentioning was Bridge of Spies. I'm a big Tom Hanks fan, and this movie did not disappoint. We also watched Inside Out. It is such a precious movie! It earned  rank right next to the beloved movie Up. Disney rarely disappoints me. ;)

As for music, Adele's album 25 has been on repeat in my car. I don't fangirl much, but ya'll, she's worth fangirling over. I've also enjoyed Elevation Worship via YouTube. If you like contemporary Christian style worship, they've got some gorgeous songs.

I've been on both a coffee & tea kick. When Ella was in the hospital, there was a tiny coffee bar located on the ground floor. After visiting her each morning, I would grab a latte to head back to my room to rest. The latte I fell in love with was a Raspberry Vanilla Latte. It tasted so good, and for some reason, I still enjoy that flavor combo. It offered a small piece of comfort during those long days alone. And then my friend Felicia's got me hooked on Thai Tea. It's a nice change from coffee.

What have you been into lately?

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  1. Inside Out sounds super cute! Someday, I'll need to rent it too; glad you enjoyed it. :)


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