Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wye Mountain

If I were being honest, Sunday didn't get off to a great start. We had a rough morning trying to get the girls loaded up and off to church. By the time we were out the door, I realized we were running half an hour late! I don't tend to make excuses, but there are some days you just have to re-group and re-plan the day. And bank on grace.

We later ended up going for a long drive through the backroads in the Ouchita mountains. We took the back road back to our little town, and stopped at Wye Mountain. It's a large field that boasts a daffodil festival every year. It was fun stopping by to see what was left (we had an early bloom season). While most of the flowers were gone, the greenery and landscape was still breathtaking! It's amazing how beautiful the world is around you if you only stop and take the time to enjoy it.

I thought Evie would go crazy over the flowers once we showed her the leftover patch. Nope. The only thing she was excited about was running free with daddy, and collecting rocks. Haha! Kids. They keep you humble. ;-)

I love that we've been given the gift of exploring our world together as a family. Just the way it should be. <3


  1. Beautiful photos. ;) I think having wee ones is all about flexibility. God understands that - and you went to meet him in a daffodil patch instead.
    Blessings. xoxo

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