Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday Vol. 18

The weather...
It's sunny, and cool this morning. Rain is heading our way soon, so I think we will spend a little time outside this morning. 

Right now I am...
Drinking coffee, listening to a praise & worship dvd that I turned on for the girls.

I've been dealing with more anxiety this time around. I didn't have that with Evie, so it's a new territory. Little things like going to the grocery store or picking them up from the nursery stresses me out. I can't count the amount of times I've ended up in tears because I am so stressed out. It's exhausting to deal with so many emotions. I don't say this to comlain, but to keep it real. Motherhood is not always roses and sunshine. But, I guss that's what makes it all so perfectly imperfect.

On my TV...
We've been watching Everybody Loves Raymond

What I'm Reading... 
I just finisehd reading "Home Is Where My People Are" by Sophie Hudson. It's the second time I've read it, and I just love it.

On the menu for this week...
Black Bean Nachos

Pasta with Meat Sauce
Chicken & Green Bean Crockpot Dish
Breakfast For Dinner
Sausage & Summer Veggie Stir Fry

On my to do list...
Load & Unload Dishwasher
Make Bed
Speed Clean
Edit Photography

Sweep & Swiffer
Clean Bedrooms

Looking forward to this week...
Relaxing at home with Josh & the kiddos

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Just A Little Post

We've been a busy little family. Between chasing a toddler, and entertaining a rather independent four month old, our days are very, very full. And we are very, very tired. Imagine that. He he. ;)

Evie has learned to climb. As in Curious George style climbing. Ahem.
Ella has started chatting, giggling, and sitting up in her bumbo.
Daddy is very busy with work.
And I'm just over here like...pass the coffee, please.

How are you all, blogging friends? Hoping to catch up on all your posts today. Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

My Sugarbear

This girl. Goodness, has she just stollen this momma's heart!! She is just delightful!!! I thought I'd share some of her milestones...

Last week, she found her hands! It was so cute. She would hold her fist up, and get all wide eyed while looking at it. Cuuuute.

She wants to sit up, and see what's going on. All the time! Forget the snuggly baby stuff. She's ready to be a big girl! She also likes to "stand up". You know where you balance them on their legs while holding them? She thinks it's the greatest thing. If she thinks we are having fun without her, she fusses until we pick her up and let her join in the fun, which is usually just us sitting down to eat dinner. Haha!

Her smile lights up her whole face...and produces the cutest dimple!!

She is the BEST sleeper. Honestly, she averages about 10 hours every night, and one long nap in the middle of the day. She still takes tiny cat naps here and there, but they don't last long.

If you are slow getting her bottle ready, she will let you know. She "sasses" for several minutes. It is hilarious. Such opinionated grunts, hahahaha.

And all that hair? Still thick, dark, curly, and getting longer every day. ;)

Oh, Ella Faith. You are so loved.

My Little Unicorns

We found a couple of unicorns on our front porch yesterday! We decided to keep them. *wink* 😍

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