Tuesday, June 28, 2016

She Thinks She's Big Stuff

This kid. She cracks me UP! She has a big personality, and continues to show her idependence. She tries to crawl off our laps when she wants down (where does she think she's gonna go? I have no idea). She watches her big sis very intently. She has a deep belly laugh, and her whole face takes part of those laughs!!

She is wearing size 9 month clothes, eats alllllll the time, and doesn't mind being held by friends and family. She's very content, unless she's teething. She really loves her bouncy seat, being swaddled, and snuggling. We love her to pieces!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday Vol. 19

The weather...
It's sunny and warm! 

Right now I am...
Taking a few minutes to blog, and find inspiration on Pinterest. It helps break up my morning routine to have a few minutes of "fun". ;)

How blessed we are as a family. God has provided for us a million times over, and with every single answered prayer, I am reminded of His faithfulness. Anwered prayer doesn't always mean I get the answer I want, but that we get the answer He has for us...which is always better. 

On my TV...
The Good Witch


What I'm Reading... 
Where Trust Lies by Janette Oke

So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore
Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner
For the Childrens Sake

On the menu for this week...
Chicken & Green Bean Crock Pot Dish
Loaded Black Bean Nachos (I make mine with Wasa crackers for a lighter version, while the rest eat it with chips)
Southern Skillet Stir Fry (Usually chiken, okra, squash, peppers, onions with a dash of spicy seasonings)
Breakfast for Dinner 
Chicken, Broccoli & Cheesey Cauliflour Casserole

On my to do list...
2 Loads Laundry & fold clothes
Speed Clean
Update Work Stuff 
Prep Dinner

Looking forward to this week...
A quiet week of housework, maybe some time outside in the evening when it's a bit cooler (if that is even possible during summer...hahaha)

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Random Thursday Thoughts

Summer has arrived in her full glory--today, we are set for a heat index of 115! I'm staying home with my air conditioner, iced coffee, and organizing projects. I'm not sure why, but heat waves always give me reason to purge, and re-organize our home. Our pantry tends to collect items that shouldn't be there, so most likely, that will be my starting point!

Our house has been on the market for a few months now. Not for lack of showings, but the right buyer hasn't come along or it just isn't time for us to move yet. There is a part of me that is SO ready to move, and another part of me that is SO ready to just keep pluckig away at this little house of ours. Truthfully, we love where we live, but we would love just a wee bit more space.

I've been reading through one of the latest Janette Oke books, "Where Trust Lies". I've read hundreds of Christian books/authors, and nothing compares to the love stories of Janette Oke. I'm also re-watching the Where The Heart Calls series. I love it because it's my favorite Hallmark style show, and super clean for the little ears & eyes around here. I also started watching the Good Witch on Hallmark. Which is vey cheesy, but seems to be pretty clean, too.

Happy Thursday!

Friday, June 10, 2016

And Just Like That She's Two

Our baby girl turned two! I can't believe it. She has changed so much over the last month, I keep pinching myself. I mean, she should still be swaddled up in my arms, right? Instead, she's a hyper toddler with a growing vocabulary, and in full blown potty training mode.

We had a wonderful celebration with our parents, and siblings. Her gif this year, was a little playhouse with a pink roof. I'll share some pictures, soon. Happiest of birthday's to my darling girl. You are so, so loved. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ella Bug

Somebody has been a busy little bee this last month:

  • She had her first taste of food. I think the photo says it all!
  • She has started standing up while holding onto something.
  • She loves playing with daddy's beard.
  • She kind half rolls over, it's cute. ;)
  • She really, really loves to be sitting up so she can see what's going on.
  • She tries really hard to talk. She has a lot of facial expression to match her words, so it comes off very serious. Cracks us up!
We are having so much fun with you, Ella bug!!

My Little Unicorns

We found a couple of unicorns on our front porch yesterday! We decided to keep them. *wink* 😍

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