She Thinks She's Big Stuff

This kid. She cracks me UP! She has a big personality, and continues to show her idependence. She tries to crawl off our laps when she wants down (where does she think she's gonna go? I have no idea). She watches her big sis very intently. She has a deep belly laugh, and her whole face takes part of those laughs!!

She is wearing size 9 month clothes, eats alllllll the time, and doesn't mind being held by friends and family. She's very content, unless she's teething. She really loves her bouncy seat, being swaddled, and snuggling. We love her to pieces!


  1. She is absolutely precious!
    What a doll.
    I am certain you are enjoying your days. : )

  2. She looks like a porcelain doll. So pretty.

  3. How sweet is that face!! Such adorableness!

  4. What a l'il Angel. ;) Wishing you all many blessings for the holiday weekend ahead Heather! xoxo