Wednesday, July 27, 2016

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

It amazes me how quickly children change--one minute they can barely walk, the next they are moving at record speeds. One part baby, one part toddler, and a healthy dose of big girl are staring back at me as I watch my daughter learn and grow.


  1. How precious!!!!!
    How very precious!
    I love your words, Heather.
    So very, very true.
    Enjoy a cozy day. : )

  2. So, so sweet. Yes, time flies, but you are enjoying every minute!

  3. This is a most adorable picture - her little house and car parked next to it watering her flower pot! Wow love this. They do grow up way too fast - take it from a grandma who is watching her son be a dad.
    Enjoy your sweet daughter!

  4. Oh goodness - straight to the heart sweetness Heather! And look at her taking care of her house and nurturing her flowers...just as she learned from her wonderful Mommy nurturing her. ;) xoxo


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