Friday, August 19, 2016

TGIF! Friday Favorites

I love that I found this super cute fall plaque at the Dollar Tree. I think I may need to get my nerve up to share all my favorite dollar tree finds. They have the cutest holiday items. Anyway, I hung this on our doorway for now, but I will probably make a wreat out of it this weekend. Ha!

I am loving these placemats that I found at Target. They were colorful, and at a great price. I bought two to use for dinners for just Josh, and I, but I think I should buy more to set the table with. I thought the color scheme was festive enough to use for both summer and fall! Plus, they match my Fiesta dinner plates! Also, I'll have to share a recipe of that Chicken & Wild Rice soup, soon.

If you know me in real life, I am a purse girl! It's one of the few things in life that I will splurge and not bat an eye (normally, I'm frugal fred mertz, ha!). Anyway, I saw this red bag at TJ Maxx, and it had been marked down from $100 to $30. So, I guess in the long run, I was still pretty frugal, but scored a sweet bag! Red is my go to color for everything. Also, those books you see? Larkspur Cove was AMAZING, and My Mrs. Brown was a really sweet read. Check 'em out if you are looking for something fun to read! ;)

When I'm out and about running errands, I love to get me a good 'ol dose of Starbucks. But, when the temps were 100+ I was leaning towards Ice Cream. However, my need for coffee wore out. I ended up ordering a Coffee Frappuccino with whip. I forgot how good those are! I love that it's super creamy, but you still get a strong coffee flavor. I love when an oldie become a goody. He he. ;)

These girls...those dresses. Two Jelly The Pugs scored at a consginment sale by Grandmother. It's just the cutest thing when their outfits coordinate or match. I've turned into one of those moms. Hee hee! And I make zero apologies for it. They are only little once. 

Ok, that wraps it up for today. Happy Friday!! Linking up with Friday Favorites today. :)


  1. I am so ready for fall and that wall hanging is cute. Red is my favorite so I love your purse.

  2. WOW! Love that purse! I will definitely be checking out my local TJ Maxx for deals like that! And holiday decor at the Dollar Tree?!? Count me in! Your girls and those dresses are too cute!

  3. Yes, anything fall right now, I'm so excited for it. I have also found really fun holiday decorations at Dollar Tree! My husband rolled his eyes last year when I came home with bags full of stuff, but you can't complain about the price!

  4. I love that plaque! I saw it at my Dollar Tree too and might have to get it. Please share pics if you make it into a wreath. I would love to get ideas. :)

  5. Love little girls dressed alike. And that purse! I carry mine until they tear up. I've been using the one I have now for two years straight. I'm a boring purse girl. ;)

  6. I am so ready for Fall myself! You certainly needed that cool Starbucks with those temps!


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