Fall Around My Home

Our home is finally decorated for fall! I started with the mantel in August, then put the rest up this month. It's not perfect, but it is very cozy. At least to me. :)

I added the candle, and the old window to my fall decor this year. The banner came from the $1 spot at Target (last year), and the candle is actually from Dollar General of all places. It's Apple Currant, and it's smells heavenly. The pumpkins were a gift from my mother in law years ago.

I had to pick up this pumpkin from Hobby Lobby the other day. I loved the old truck! Has a vintage, down earth feel to it.

My entry table. Sorry for the wonky angle, but the lighting was too weird otherwise. I love my cinderella carriage pumpkin. Disney & pumpkins just seem to go hand in hand. Ha! It's the kid in me, for real. ;) And it's 40% off right now at good 'ol Hobby Lobby. It's like they know how to win over our hearts with the cutest fall stuff!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Love, love, love everything about it!!

  2. Heather! It IS perfect!!!
    I adore it all...the colors, the feel, the pumpkins!
    It is as cozy as can be. : )
    Now...tell me more about the cinnamon vanilla latte, please!

  3. Love it all Heather!! Such beautiful colors and cozy feel to all. I love that vintage truck pumpkin!! And your mantle is absolutely beautiful. Yay for Fall!
    PS: love your header too. ;)

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