Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What I'm Into August Edition

Books & More Books:
This was a slower month for me regarding books but I still found a few titles that were fun to read. One of the sweetest novels I read was My Mrs.Brown. The synopsis is that Mrs. Brown lives a simple life. She's faithful to the small things, and keeps a tidy check book. Her charcter is very plain, and under-embellished. But, it's her character traits, and willingness to keep her head high despite the gossip that draws you into her story. She sets out on a journey to buy a black dress...not any black dress, her black dress. But, the reasons, the pricetag, the location...it's all a bit curious. 

I also read Together at the Table (third in the Blue Door Trilogy), which was really good, but sad at the same time. A full review to come soon! And last, but not least, I read Larkspur Cove by Lisa Wingate. If you enjoy clean romance and mystery, I would highly recommend it.

TV & Movies:
We finished watching all the available shows for The Flash, and now we need something new. Any suggestions? I watched the second episode of The Good Witch, and it's pretty cute. I love me some cheesy Hallmark! We also rented My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 from RedBox, and it was a fun movie. Not quite as funny as the first, but fun none the less. ;)

Pinning Away:
Fall!! I love all things fall, and I've been busy pinning away fall decor ideas, fall recipes, and maybe even a few Christmas tradition ideas. 

Coffee & Tea:
The other day, I had a taste for Chai Tea. My favorite brand is not available in our community, so Josh found another substitute a while back. I had forgotten that I still had some. So, I added extra cinnamon, ginger, and a dash of cloves for an added spice kick. It was so good.

My favorite thing about morning time is my cup of coffee. Random fact: I drink it iced 90% of the time. I enjoy cream, a drop of pure vanilla & a dash of cinnamon, no sugar. Delicious!

What about you? What are you into? I'd love to hear!! Linking up with What I'm Into at Leigh's blog.

PS. Be sure to join me on GoodReads! I love meeting other bookworms and finding new titles to read!! :)

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