Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Goodbye Little Nest

It's been a bit quite around here lately...and for good reason! We sold our house earlier this fall, and we are finally getting ready to settle into our new home. It has been quite the process, and if I'm being honest, a whirlwind of emotions.

This little place where we have called home all seven years of marriage, while small, still holds a lot of precious memories. We turned Josh's bachelor pad into our first home. And brought our babies home here. Some my favorite memories...

The first day as I settled into my role as a housewife. I remember cleaning, unpacking our wedding gifts, and preparing my first meal. It wasn't fancy, just baked potato soup and beer bread from Tastefully Simple. ;)

The first big argument we had. Over what?  I honestly don't remember. But, we argued on the back porch. That, I do remember. Hee hee.

The first time I saw two pink our master bathroom. When we painted her room and decorated her nursery. It became my favorite spot to snuggle our tiny Evie Grace.

The second time I saw two pink our master bathroom. When we tirelessly prepared another nursery for Ella baby. A lot of love and dreams were poured into her little room.

The hours we spent around the fireplace drinking coffee, watching Friends, and playing scrabble. The Christmas parties, and countless dinner parties. The giant porch that was added on, and the tin roof where we listened to the rain fall at night. The family gatherings, and coffee dates with friends.

Wonderful, good memories. Thankful for each one, and the many blessings He has given us.


  1. It's good to stop and reflect when we are leaving behind a piece of our lives. You have some great memories in your first home. Can't wait to see the second one all finished up!

  2. A beautiful reflection, Heather.
    You will always have those precious memories tucked in your heart. to make new ones!!!

  3. This is so sweet! It takes me back to memories of leaving our first home too. But I love the wonderful memories I've made since being in this home together too! Wishing you a smooth transition and can't wait to see the new place! xoxo

  4. At my wedding, all the guests (literally, all) told me how the food surpassed all expectations, since wedding food generally sucks. The brisket at DC wedding venues was mind-blowing. My husband also had some custom choices for food that the chef easily made and incorporated.


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