Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Post Holiday Ramblings...

I snapped this picture of the girls as they were "helping" us decorate the tree. They have helped themselves to more decorations this year than  I care to admit. Ha!!

It's Wednesday morning, and quite honestly, I'm on a bit of  Christmas low. I'm not quite ready to say farewell to my favorite holiday. So, I'm sipping an iced latte, and thinking of how to enjoy another fun family night. Maybe pizza and a movie. I'm also planning to keep the decorations up for the rest of the week. Who knows, maybe I'll finish taking pictures of our decor!

We've had such a busy week of visiting family, eating ridiculously good food, and enjoying our fun gifts. I have to say, buying the girls Christmas gifts this year was so fun. Both Evie Grace and Ella are obsessed with Peppa the Pig. We decided to get them a Peppa Pig Dollhouse & Bus. They also got matching Peppa dolls, and the story book.

I bought Josh a hoodie, and a winter toboggan hat for Christmas. He treated me to an overnight stay and shopping trip at one of our favorite towns. I may have had more sugar in that 24 period than I've ate all year. Sugar induced coma included a dark chocolate covered sea salt caramel apple (say that three times fast), a slice of Almond Joy Cake (from a local was to DIE for), a ginger snap latte and cherry scone from a local bakery. Surgery fun, I tell you.

We also shopped until we dropped, watched TV, and got to sleep in. It was perfect! He spoils me so.

Happy Wednesday! Hope you are enjoying more Christmas time fun. :)

Monday, December 26, 2016

We Had A Merry Little Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas. Lots of food, good times, and watching the girls get excited over all their gifts! But, best of all were the memories made with our family and friends. Those moments can't be replaced or replicated. They are the best.

Thankful for the manger scene that took place so long ago. We are all blessed, indeed!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Our Christmas Home 2016

This year, it took me two weeks to decorate the tree. Mainly because we are still unpacking. Ha! And as you can see, little hands helped re-decorate it. ;) My favorite addition were the gold glittered phrases on the tree. A crown and "Lord of All" with red berry sticks served as our topper! I love it.

I found that set of matching stockings at my neighbors yard sale. That matched my pillows perfectly. And I think they make our entertainment stand look festive!

My mom decorated a Minnie mouse tree for the girls. We left it in the dining room, and I might just love it more than they do. ;)

Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

'Tis The Season!

We've finally settled into our new house, and have started on our Christmas decorating routines. I snapped a few pics of the girls yesterday, so I could get our Christmas cards ordered. The girls really enjoyed their candy cane treats. ;) I thought it turned out pretty cute. I don't do much studio work as it takes so much time for set up, but when I do, it always lends to a sweet captures Pun intended.

It's starting to really feel like Christmas as the temperatures are finally cooling down. We plan on enjoying a low key weekend before the Christmas Party round ups begin! 'Tis the season!! ;)

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