Our Christmas Home 2016

This year, it took me two weeks to decorate the tree. Mainly because we are still unpacking. Ha! And as you can see, little hands helped re-decorate it. ;) My favorite addition were the gold glittered phrases on the tree. A crown and "Lord of All" with red berry sticks served as our topper! I love it.

I found that set of matching stockings at my neighbors yard sale. That matched my pillows perfectly. And I think they make our entertainment stand look festive!

My mom decorated a Minnie mouse tree for the girls. We left it in the dining room, and I might just love it more than they do. ;)

Merry Christmas!!


  1. Heather,
    Such a beautiful tree!!!!!
    And I adore your Minnie tree!
    May yoy all have a blessed Christmas in your new home. : )