Things That I Love Vol. 1

So, I was absent from blogging there for a bit because I forgot to renew my blog. I do that EVERY year. You'd think I'd remember or have some way or reminding myself. I'll just say my procrastinator side is a quirk of mine...

Speaking of quirks, I thought I'd share a few random things that I love.

I really, really love fresh flowers. They just have a way of bringing joy to any room in our house. It makes me a feel a little more domestic, too. Ha! ;)

Vintage books! Old, worn books have always had a little place in my heart. I can remember visiting flea markets and book sales as a teenager always eager to find a new title to browse. It's been fun collecting them for my kids! There's something extra beautiful about illustrations from way back then.

I really love latte art. Someday, I would love to learn how to make latte art myself. Summer hobby, maybe? Do any of you know how to make beautiful latte's? Teach me your ways, please. ;)

I love Christmas. I love planning for Christmas months in advance. I'm already trying to figure out new traditions to add to our December festivities. I love the music, the lights, the gifts, the buzz everywhere (it's the only time of year I don't mind crowds!, I love the cheesy movies!

What are some things that you love??? Linking up here. :)

New York City: The Food!

I saved the best for last. Just kidding! But, the food was definitely fun. ;)

At the very top of my list was Serendipity! Thanks to the movie, I've crushed on this little restaurant for a long time. It's just as quaint and quirky as you think it would be!

The frozen hot chocolate was delicious! The best part was all the whipped cream and shaved chocolate. :D :D :D Do you see a theme here?

The other stop on my list was Magnolia's Bakery! I had seen them featured on Food network, and of course several bloggers have shared their love of Magnolia's!! ;)

It was only a block from our hotel, so I may have had two servings of Banana Pudding (it's what they are known for according to some)...

We also tried their chocolate chip was chewey and gooey. Just how I like 'em...

Another highlight was the Shops at The Plaza. They have a food court with all kinds of amazing goodies. I wish I had taken a picture of everything, but my favorite part was a piece from the Lady M Cake Boutique. I didn't even know cake boutiques were a thing... ;)

Layers of crepes and, so good. :D

On our last day, we visited Amy's Bread located at Chelsea's Market. They've  been voted one of the top bakeries in NYC. After eating there, I can see why. Their pastries are very flaky and melt in your mouth good. We also enjoy a slice of their cake...

It was dense, moist, very flavorful, and the icing was really good!

We enjoyed eating in Little Italy at Paesano! The pasta was fantastic. It felt very authentic, and my husband was pleased. He's all about Italian food and it passed his personal test. ;)

Then we had dessert around the corner at Ferraro's. :D

Last, but not least, we enjoyed New York Cheesecake of course! Our first slice was from Junior's (that pic is on Instagram), and while it was good, we both loved our cheesecake from William Greenberg! It's part of the food hall at The Plaza. It was very dense and creamy.

And that about wraps up our trip!!! I'll be eating salads for  a few weeks to recover. But, what's a trip without amazing food?? Hee hee.

Show & Tell Tuesday: Memory Lane!

Two posts in one day? Well, I've missed blogging, and the topic over at Show & Tell this week is about Memory Lane!! I loved my childhood, and had a pretty typical 80's & 90's life. Things I loved growing up...

Watching I Love Lucy

To this day, I love watching this show. And no matter how many times I watch an episode, I laugh just as hard as I did the first time. I was about 6 years old when I fell in love with Lucy's antics. I remember "Nick at Night" would have marathons, and I was record them on VHS tapes. :D

Collecting Lisa Frank

I think every girl growing up in the 90's was obsessed. I loved the notebooks, folders, name it! :)

Playing With Play Doh

I loved Play Doh. I loved squeezing it in my hands. I loved the smell! They should make some kind of car scent called Play Doh. I would buy it up by the bulk. Ha!

Reading...Sweet Valley Twins, Babysitters Club....

I was a total bookworm as a kid. Going to the library was my FAVORITE thing to do. Still is, to be honest. I really loved reading Sweet Valley Kids, Sweet Valley Twins, Babysitters Club, and so many more. ;)

What did you love during your childhood?

NYC: The Sights!

We started our walking tour of NYC at 8:30 in the morning! It was a fast paced tour, because the goal is to see as many iconic places within nine hours. Yes, it was an exhausting day, but well worth it. :) Here's the video footage:

It was fun getting to see Lady Liberty! She's quite the giant.

This was the view from the boat as we headed to the Statue of Liberty! Quite a site. Also, the boat ride was a bit rocky. ;)

We stopped at Wall Street for a few minutes. It was crazy busy.

We visited the 9/11 Memorial Pools and saw the iconic World Trade Center One. They are in the process of building the others. It was a humbling moment to see the size of the pools, and the names.

We also visited the Empire State Building. Visibility was low, but it was still fun to see the site where famous movies have been filmed (the entire time, I was thinking about Sleepless in Seattle).

The highlight of the trip for Josh was visiting Little Italy. Josh was in heaven! I'll share about the food later! It was really beautiful.

My tourist husband. Hahaha. And yes, he's got a lot of Italian in him. ;)

We ended our last night with a buggy ride through Central Park. It was magical! Not exaggerating. Honestly, I think Central Park and The Plaza were my favorite parts of NYC. :)

We saw tons of other sites, most of which were on my IG: Times Square (ick), Rockefeller Center (beautiful!), Radio City, Trump Tower (whoa, the guards!!!!), Broadway (saw Aladdin), Grand Central Station (I cannot believe I didn't take very many was beautiful!), SoHo, St. Patrick's Cathedral (gorgeous), and several other areas. :)

Anniversary in New York City!

Well, we did it! We finally made it to New York City. It has been on both of our "lists" of places to go. One afternoon, back in February, we made the decision to have our first mini getaway without the kids. *deep breath* We decided on three nights. Just long enough for some "us" time, but not so long that this mommy heart might explode. It really was the perfect time for us. We chose The Warwick. Something about the lights, and the name just screamed classy. And it was!! Oh my goodness it was so, so beautiful. I forgot to take pictures on my big camera. There are a few on my Instagram though!

We hit the ground running the first night we got there, but I didn't take any pictures. We dined at Tony's which had the best Fettuccini I've ever tasted. We also visited Times Square....which was the ONLY thing that I did not like about NYC. They can keep those lights and crowds and strange things. I'll take the other side that feels like you are stepping into a 1950's movie. Anyway, I digress, my #1 agenda while visiting the Big Apple was to see The Plaza. It was beautiful. So, so beautiful! I am still star struck over it! I had purchased a little pink purse just for the occasion. I wanted to visit the Eloise store for gifts, and to see The Eloise portrait. It was all so delightful. I feel like a kid again just thinking about it!!

Josh was a good sport and let me have my fun. ;)

Josh talked me into brunch during our stay there. I'm so glad he did, because it was soooo romantic. The music, the lighting, the window table...

We visited Central Park twice during our visit. Once during the day, then once at night. Both were so nice. I couldn't get over how beautiful the park was!

I just couldn't capture an angle that gave it justice. After walking around a bit, we started to make our way to another bucket list item....Serendipity!!!!

It was so good! So so good. All that chocolate...and that whipped cream. I was geeking out the entire time we were there. I think Josh may have rolled his eyes a time or two. Can't blame him too much. I need another one...

All that shaved chocolate...

Our first full day was fun, and I fell asleep the minute my head hit the pillow! ;) Up next, Josh got to cross off his bucket list items...and allll the food. ;)

Perfect Saturday Morning

We woke up on Saturday morning to gorgeous weather. We put the girls in princess dresses and played outside with bubbles. They loved it! Later that day, the girls hunted for eggs and ate enough candy for an army. It was a good day. :)

A Prayer Request

When Mimmie passed away, she left behind her husband, my Papaw, of 50+ years. I don't think it had ever occurred to them that they would live life without the other. He is so sad, and so lost without her. He has also been battling an ugly illness for the last couple of years to boot.

We were blessed to spend some time with him this Easter, but his tears during dinner were not lost on me. I've shed a few myself. It's just hard, ya know?

He has always been such a good Papaw, and he sure does love my girls. If you would, please pray for his comfort and peace.


You can never be defeated
For You wear the Victor's crown
You are Jesus the Messiah
You're the Hope of all the world
~Victor's Crown

Day in The Life: Coffee + Dollar Tree

Ok, I have had so much fun teaching myself how to use video on my camera. Can yo believe after 10+ years of studying photogaphy, I've never done any kind of film? It's so different. I needed a new hobby to explore, so that's why all the videos this week. I promise I haven't stopped blogging. ;)

The video is just a peek at our daily life. Happy Thursday!

Happy Homemaker Monday Vol. 29

The weather...
It's cloudy! We are expecting storms later this afternoon.

Right now I am...

Watching YouTube, blogging, and talking to the girls. Multi-tasking mom! ;)

About my long "to do" list today!

On my TV...
The Voice

What I'm Reading... 

I haven't read one book this week! Maybe this afternoon while the girls are napping.

On the menu for this week...

Sushi Bowls (my new favorite "go to" dish!)
Chicken, Broccoli and Rice Casserole
Beefy Italian Soup & Sandwiches
Breakfast for Dinner

On my to do list...

Speed clean
Pick up groceries
Edit Graphics
Work related projects

One of my simple pleasures...
Organzing and cleaning the house.
Burning a new scentsy!

Linking of with Happy Homemaker Monday!

Happy Friday!

I snapped this picture of little miss "on the move"...which is no small feat these days. Two things: Ella has super kissable cheeks, and curls for DAYS. ;)

Happy Friday!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm throwing it way back our trip to Ireland (several years ago)! We went for our 3rd anniversary. It was one of the best trips of my life and I'm super thankful for my Irish heritage. I felt like fit right in...the pale skin, blue eyes, and unruly hair, well...yeah, that's me alright. Ha! ;) You can see more images from our trip here, if you happen to enjoy that sort of thing. TGIF!

Readers Are Leaders

So, what do toddlers do when momma is working on the computer? They check out books at our own personal schoolroom library.

I asked her if I could take her picture...and this was her pose of choice. HAHAHA. My kids don't have a single drop of personality. At all.

Her shirt says, "Super Independent". It was a gift from her grandma. And it's very true. She's our very own wildfire, and we love her so much.