A Vintage Party

Our littlest princess turned one this month, so we celebrated with cupcakes and vintage vibes for our sweet girl. It is just crazy to me that an entire year has passed. How quickly it all goes (I know...I say that at least once a week...)

She was quite a fan of the cupcakes. I'll probably find cupcake remnants for weeks on end. That's okay. It was worth it for the memories and scrapbooks.

She's a mess! But, a very cute mess at that. :)


  1. Happiest of birthdays to your littlest princess!
    That dress!!!
    And I wish I could tell you it slows down...but that would be untruthful.
    I know you do!

  2. Well Happy Birthday to that little Sweetheart! May her year ahead be filled with too many blessings to count. ;) She looks like an absolute princess!! xoxo

  3. Love that sweet dress! Happy birthday to her!