Thursday, January 5, 2017

Good Good Father (Children's Book Giveaway)

As Evie Grace gets older, I've noticed two things: she loves spending quality time with me and she is learning to enjoy books more. She loves to look at pictures, point to different aspects of each picture (and tries to figure out what it is), and she really enjoys learning. This gives me a perfect avenue to teach her about our Heavenly Father.

With that in mind, I was happy to add "Good Good Father" to my collection of books for our kids. I love that it intentionally reminds us (yes, even us the reader!) that God is good. That He is a good Father. That He cares for us, and loves us deeply.

The illustrations are beautiful, and unique. Not quite like any book that I've collected before. I really enjoyed them.

Good Good Father was inspired by the #1 hit worship song by Chis Tomlin. Here's a video of the song if you are interested:

Would you like to win a copy? Let me know who you would like to share this book with in the comments below. Also, please check out my Instagram & Facebook posts on this book. Void where prohibited. Contest ends at noon on 1/6/17 :)


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