Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Monday Surprise

Yesterday, the girls and I had just finished up lunch. I looked out the window, and there was Josh, pulling in the driveway. He NEVER comes home for lunch....

He had decided to surprise us by taking off work half the day, and loading us up for an adventure in the city. The weather was perfect! Unseasonably warm, with a cool breeze.

We took the girls on the river walk, explored the giant bridge, played at the park for a few minutes, and ate Indian food downtown. We ended the day with book shopping, and iced coffee (for me!).

It was perfect. Thankful for all these sweet memories with my family.


  1. Those are the BEST days!!!!
    So happy for you. : )

  2. awe I Love it when hubby gets out early, such a lovely surprise. Looks like it was the perfect weather for an outing. Glad you had this day to look back on. : )

  3. Oh what a perfect surprise! Sounds like it was a lovely day. ;) xoxo


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