Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What To Eat in New York City

I saved the best for last. Just kidding! But, the food was definitely fun. ;)

At the very top of my list was Serendipity! Thanks to the movie, I've crushed on this little restaurant for a long time. It's just as quaint and quirky as you think it would be!

The frozen hot chocolate was delicious! The best part was all the whipped cream and shaved chocolate. :D :D :D Do you see a theme here?

The other stop on my list was Magnolia's Bakery! I had seen them featured on Food network, and of course several bloggers have shared their love of Magnolia's!! ;)

It was only a block from our hotel, so I may have had two servings of Banana Pudding (it's what they are known for according to some)...

We also tried their chocolate chip was chewey and gooey. Just how I like 'em...

Another highlight was the Shops at The Plaza. They have a food court with all kinds of amazing goodies. I wish I had taken a picture of everything, but my favorite part was a piece from the Lady M Cake Boutique. I didn't even know cake boutiques were a thing... ;)

Layers of crepes and, so good. :D

On our last day, we visited Amy's Bread located at Chelsea's Market. They've  been voted one of the top bakeries in NYC. After eating there, I can see why. Their pastries are very flaky and melt in your mouth good. We also enjoy a slice of their cake...

It was dense, moist, very flavorful, and the icing was really good!

We enjoyed eating in Little Italy at Paesano! The pasta was fantastic. It felt very authentic, and my husband was pleased. He's all about Italian food and it passed his personal test. ;)

Then we had dessert around the corner at Ferraro's. :D

Last, but not least, we enjoyed New York Cheesecake of course! Our first slice was from Junior's (that pic is on Instagram), and while it was good, we both loved our cheesecake from William Greenberg! It's part of the food hall at The Plaza. It was very dense and creamy.

And that about wraps up our trip!!! I'll be eating salads for  a few weeks to recover. But, what's a trip without amazing food?? Hee hee.

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness.
    Heather, this food is AMAZING!!!!!
    I am totally jealous!


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