Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Things That I Love Vol. 1

So, I was absent from blogging there for a bit because I forgot to renew my blog. I do that EVERY year. You'd think I'd remember or have some way or reminding myself. I'll just say my procrastinator side is a quirk of mine...

Speaking of quirks, I thought I'd share a few random things that I love.

I really, really love fresh flowers. They just have a way of bringing joy to any room in our house. It makes me a feel a little more domestic, too. Ha! ;)

Vintage books! Old, worn books have always had a little place in my heart. I can remember visiting flea markets and book sales as a teenager always eager to find a new title to browse. It's been fun collecting them for my kids! There's something extra beautiful about illustrations from way back then.

I really love latte art. Someday, I would love to learn how to make latte art myself. Summer hobby, maybe? Do any of you know how to make beautiful latte's? Teach me your ways, please. ;)

I love Christmas. I love planning for Christmas months in advance. I'm already trying to figure out new traditions to add to our December festivities. I love the music, the lights, the gifts, the buzz everywhere (it's the only time of year I don't mind crowds!, I love the cheesy movies!

What are some things that you love??? Linking up here. :)

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