Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Peppa Pig Party!

I knew that I wanted to plan a Peppa Pig party for Evie. She LOVES Peppa Pig! It's her favorite cartoon, and she loves wearing her yellow rainboots (just like Peppa), and often repeats quotes from the cartoons. So I bought the girls matching Peppa Pig outfits, ordered a Peppa Pig Cake, Oh, and I bought Peppa Pig Bathing Suits. When she wore her bathing suit for outside water time, she cried and cried and cried when it was time to take it off. ;)

When I showed Evie her cake, she sat in that chair for a good 20 minutes. When guests started to arrive we asked if she wanted to go play with her friends...and she started BAWLING. To the point she hid under the table and kept crying. I finally got her calmed down enough to realize she didn't want to leave her cake. HA! I reminded her about opening gifts and THEN she would get to eat some of that cake. That worked. ;)

I even found little favors that matched our theme, and made homemade sprinkle cookies (with extra sprinkles....recipe coming soon!). I just wish I had leftover cake. It was lemon cake with buttercream frosting. Delicious!

For the cake toppers, I just purchased a Peppa Pig set, and added the Happy Birthday Banner (from Target). A perfect cake for our three year old!

Just me and my girl! She's a mess. But, goodness does she bring us joy. <3


  1. We love Peppa around here!! Whenever I stop for gas my girls ask if I'm getting petro! Lol. This is sooooo cute!!

  2. Love! My Bean is a big Peppa fan too. She always wants to jump in "muddy puddles"!

  3. Oh! What a perfect party to celebrate your baby girl turning three!!!
    We adore Peppa Pig in this house!
    Love the photo of you with your girl!!! : )

  4. That cake is beautiful. My little girl will be 3 this year. Your ideas have inspired me! BTW...what a cute little girl! Love the curls.

  5. I love this! My youngest loves PeopaPig.


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