Friday, June 9, 2017

Easy Sprinkle Cookies

I *love* sprinkle cookies. I can't remember where I had them for the first time, but they've become a staple at our birthday parties and small get together's with friends. I like them soft and with lots of sprinkles!!! So, I thought I'd share my favorite recipe (so far) of this yummy treat!

Easy Sprinkle Cookies

1 Box of Cake Mix (The kind with sprinkles in the mix)
2 Tablespoons Flour
1/2 Cup Sprinkles
1/3 Cup Vegetable Oil
1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla
2 Eggs

1/4 Cup Sprinkles

Pre-Heat Oven to 350. Mix ingredients together until a soft dough forms. Roll into balls using a teaspoon and *very* lightly flatten. Add additional sprinkles to the top. Bake for 9 minutes, then pull them out and let them sit in the pan for an additional 2-3 minutes or until the cookies have set. Transfer to cookie holder.



  1. Yum! This is close my recipe for these cookies! Will try yours too!

  2. Oh yum! I love how simple this recipe is. And yes, give me ALL the sprinkles!

  3. I can't get enough of sprinkle cookies. They're my favorite. They're probably why I can't lose any weight 😭😭

  4. My daughter adores sprinkles, and would just love these!

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  7. YUMMY! These look so delicious!! And you always gotta have the extra sprinkles ;-)


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