Monday, June 12, 2017

My Favorite Kind of Weekend

Our weekend starts on Friday afternoons. Some weekends are jam packed with events, and others are laid back and low key...My favorite kind of weekend...and that's what we had. First up, was an iced coffee that Josh brought me from my favorite coffee shop.

Evie and I plowed through this stack of books after lunch. I love library books. Even the kid books. Also, if you enjoy reading sweet little books to your kids, I highly recommend The Jellybeans. I'd never heard of these books, and they were just too cute!

This was my stack of books for the week. I finished Deadly Pursuit late on Friday night. I just love Irene Hannon. She writes suspense/murder mysteries, and man do they leave me on the edge of my seat. I also love the fact she write very clean fiction.

While Josh helped his friend out with wood chopping, I spent some time outside in my rubber boots. The yard needed to be picked up and I cleaned up a few of the kids outdoor toys.

On Friday night, we had a date night at home. I made Butter Shrimp and Garlic Potatoes. I found that checkered cloth at the Dollar Spot in Target. It made for a fun little dinner. :)

Our Magnolia Tree is finally blooming!! We had wondered if it seems our tree is a late bloomer, perhaps?

The girls thought the Magnolia blooms were fun!

And that was our weekend in a nutshell. Happy Monday!


  1. Looks like it was one of those perfect weekends! Love the pics - thanks for sharing. ;) Hope you have an equally great week ahead Heather! xoxo

  2. Oh Heather...
    That is a perfect one!
    We share a love of books!
    I love having a stack on my dresser, don't you?
    Have a cozy evening with your sweet people. : )

  3. What a sweet weekend. I like Irene Hannon too!

  4. heather, i absolutely love your blog and everything on it. i am sure, this kind of a weekend must be very refreshing. keep pposting more


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