Southern Hydrangeas

When I was a little girl, my parents let me plant a small garden beneath my window. I was so excited to visit the plant outlet, and pick out my plants. I remember one of the workers helping me pick out ones that would do well in the shade. It made me feel so grown up.

My grandma was also a master gardener. She had all kinds of plants, shrubs, and a plumb tree on her tiny piece of property. She passed away when I was 15, and more than anything, I wish I had gleaned more wisdom for her on her love for gardening.

Alas, the only thing I've planted and done well with would be pansies and strawberries. But, now that we are a bit more settled, and the "hazy days" of newborn days are behind us, I've taken more time to read articles and learn more about plants.

Hence, we found out this spring we had hydrangeas! A family member told us to prune it back, and so Josh did. And now we are reaping the beauty of giant southern hydrangeas! They are mostly blue and purple ones. I just love them!

 I'm thankful for the simple things today.

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