Friday, July 14, 2017

Rambling Friday Post

It's Friday! I am probably a little too excited, but yet, it was a long week for some reason. We stayed home most of the time, and I had a lot of catching up to do around the house. And now that I feel much better about our current laundry situation...I'm ready for a little adventure around town.

What are some of your favorite thing to do when you are out an about? My favorite things would include book shopping, picking up an iced latte, and getting a pedicure. I also love to visit antique stores and flea markets. So, I may squeeze in one or two of the above later this afternoon. We'll see.

This morning, I went through the girls clothes to take note of what we needed for both fall and the coming Christmas season. I know it's still summer, but our local consignment sales tend to start early in August, so I need my lists ready to go.

Speaking of fall, I've spent the last year slowly collecting books and activity sets for Evie as she starts preschool at home this fall. I found the cutest little counting set on Amazon, and tons of Scholastic and Usbourne books at a local thrift store. I'm all about hands on activities and sweet books to read this early in the game, but Evie really does enjoy the learning process. This summer, she took it on herself to learn colors. She would randomly walk around the house trying to guess colors. So, I picked up flash cards and a couple of books that covered that topic. She soaked it all up like a sponge. I really am in denial that I have a preschooler on my hands.

Another thing I worked on this week was re-vamping my menu planning process. Typically, I do my shopping once a week on Monday's and build a meal plan for 4-5 meals (honesty moment--we eat out several times a week). I've decided to start doing my shopping on Thursday evenings, and planning for 5-6 meals each week. That we can still enjoy eating out or ordering take out, but just wanting cut back just a tad. Also, I'm trying to rotate one new meal each week just for kicks. All that to say, it just worked better with our schedule. Ok, that was probably a boring paragraph? I'm nerdy like that. ;)

Happy Friday!


  1. Not nerdy at all!
    I would do the exact same three things you listed if I were out and about!
    Love looking at clothing and listing what is needed for fall and the holidays!
    And meal planning?
    We eat out every week too.
    No shame!
    Congratulations on preschool!!
    So exciting...
    A few sites I like are Twisty Noodle...great color pages...And Teachers Pay Teachers...they have a lot of free things.
    If you need anything...I am here! : )

  2. Not nerdy, more like organized. Preschool is going to be fun - I've been working for a school district in their preschool program for 24 years - Special Ed but three year olds just the same. Your daughter is going to love having you for her teacher. Since the husband and I are empty nesters we find ourselves eating out way more these days and when I do make a meal it last us for days. I guess I gotta figure I don't have three growing boys in the house anymore and learn to down size my cooking haha.
    Have a great weekend

  3. You're such a Gal after my own heart Heather! We could totally "hang" as I love all the things you mentioned for going out and about. As well as going to a beautiful park somewhere - maybe a picnic? ;) And the meal planning too - I'm trying to get in a better pattern with it too. And I love shaking it up with new meals/recipes - my family,though, not always so much.
    I can't believe you have a preschooler already too! Where does the time go. ::sigh:: Have a great weekend. xoxo

  4. I love your ramblings! Not nerdy whatsoever : ) I'm just like you.... I've starting making lists for Fall and the holidays too! I love the summer and want it to last, but I know that September will be here before we know it and I want to be prepared! How exciting that you are going to start homeschooling Evie! That's wonderful! I'm with you on meal planning. I need to get more organized. We do take out at least once a week and a breakfast type dinner like eggs or pancakes because they are quick and everyone likes them. I like your idea about trying to rotate a new meal in each week. That's a good way to get variety into the rotation!
    Have a great weekend!! : )

  5. Congrats on starting school (preschool) this fall. I'm from a homeschooling family, and we loved every minute of it. Such a unique, cool experience. :)


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