First Day of Preschool

Well, the last few weeks have been busy! I was planning to wait until next month to start Preschool with Evie, but every morning for the last two weeks, she has asked, "Mommy, can I learn my ABC's?"

She was ready, and so excited to start. So we chose today. We took about 100 pictures this morning, worked on flash cards, made a craft, and of course, made a mess. That's what it's all about right?

She loves learning, coloring, crafts, chalk, playing outside, going shopping, dressing up, and playing with her sister. She a mini me in so many ways, but she's has Josh's sneaky smile and sense of humor. ;)


  1. Happy First Day of School!!!!
    What a precious preschooler!
    Blessings for a happy, healthy school year!
    You will love it!!!
    P.S. has a lot of awesome!

  2. Happy First Day of Preschool!!! So exciting! :)