I loved having a extra long weekend with my favorite guy and my girls. We ate tons of food, took long drives around town, had a date night, de-cluttered the house, and visited with family. It was so nice. A comfort for me during such a crazy season of life.

And by crazy I'm referring to toddler life and preschool life. Most days I'm just winging it at everything. ;) :P

As my girls get older, I see things differently. I feel things differently. I realize that they are going to grow up in a tough world. Those things have made home all that much more sweeter for me. It's our safe place. It's our white noise against an ever increasingly noisy world. It's where we laugh, we fight, we cry, and we love. Home is important. I've always known this, but goodness, becoming a parent makes it even more apparent.

Happy, safe, warm, loved. I hope that's what home will mean to them as they grow up and spread their wings.


  1. Yes.
    Home is the place your girls will feel happy, safe, secure, loved, cozy and content.
    The special touches, traditions, memories, recipes, even scents that you create will be etched in their minds and hearts forever. What a lovely post, Heather.
    And such precious little ladies. : )

  2. Such sweet and precious little girls! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so I could come visit you! I see we share some kindred interests. Love that quote from Anne, and your life verse is a beauty.

    Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places...
    Brenda xo