Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Life Lately October Edition

Look at those two! My little toots. ;) This cute picture was followed promptly by melt downs from both. But, it was worth it to get this shot. Hee hee! Life with littles, right? ;)

Such a big girl now! She was impressed with the pumpkins, and was determined to pick one up and hold it. ;)

My big girl. She makes me so proud! She is LOVING pre-school and works so hard at it.

And just for fun, I did another day in the life vlog for Vlogtober:

Happy Tuesday, friends!!! :)


  1. Heather!
    I so enjoyed this!
    Your home is lovely...
    And your babies!!!
    They are precious.
    Your life reminds me so of me years ago with Madison and Peyton at home. : )
    Enjoy the beautiful fall months with your family, my friend.

  2. i really enjoyed this glimpse into your life, too! your girls are so sweet, your home beautiful, & joshua plays...is it a cello? neat!

  3. Your girls are so sweet! I hear you about the melt downs though. Yikes! Toddlerhood is ROUGH! Going to check out your vlog tonight when I'm home from work!

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