Sunday, October 29, 2017

Our Home at Fall

Tiny white pumpkins! I am slightly obsessed with them. And Evie's pumpkin craft moved to the window seal. Happy reminders while I work in the kitchen.

We've been eating a lot more at home, plus, with the weather change, it makes me enjoy being in the kitchen area much, much more. Josh bought me a new Scentsy burner, and I'm really loving it. 

Their fall artwork on display in our little schoolroom/family room. The leaves are my favorite! Also, that vintage barn came from my mom. It's my favorite little toy. So cute.

I lined up a few of their fall board books. I love how colorful they are! I need to add a few more to my collection this year.

That little leaf banner. Simple.

Sunday night baking: Pumpkin chocolate muffins! I need a new muffin pan, mine is ancient and starting to look at bit scary. ;)


  1. much to love here, Heather.
    I love the cozy and clean feel of your kitchen.
    And your schoolroom!!!
    I spotted that Fisher Price Farm right away!
    I had one when I was little.
    Does the door make a mooing sound when you open it?!?!
    Board books on windowsills make me happy, and pumpkin muffins???

  2. MUFFINS! Yum. One of my favorite things to bake. Though I have lots of favorites (including my most recent find a toffee coffee crunch recipe), my overall favorite is lemon poppyseed. But then there's a good blueberry too... so many choices!! :)


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