Last week, we whipped up a batch of banana bread. I told the girls they could help. I think they were just a little bit excited!

When I told them that banana bread is Daddy's favorite, they took it even more seriously. And they couldn't wait to surprise him with it when he got home.

I've learned more this year, than any other, to take those extra minutes here and there to let the girls get involved. Yes, I could have made that bread in half the time, but their squeals of happiness was well worth slowing down and savoring the moment. I'm learning. I really am. ;)


  1. Oh the preciousness in this photo!!!!
    Love this!!!

  2. So darling, Heather!!! They are the cutest! And even though sometimes things take a little bit longer, it's totally worth it! I'll bet the banana bread was delicious too! ♥

  3. Oh HOW CUTE your girls are! <3 Banana bread is my favorite, too :)