Thursday, January 11, 2018

Our January Home

In our January home, you'll find lots of Mrs. Meyer's Products. This scent is my favorite. It smells so fresh and so clean! I like to give our house a big scrub down during the month of January.

Also, this is such a yummy candle. It smells so good! I've already switched it out again, but I'll bring it back out when we get a snow. *crosses fingers* We haven't had any snow! Or sleet! Or anything! Just below average temps and very damp days.

Which means, it's been Crockpot meals kind of weather! I know the Instapot is all the rage, but I just can't part with my good 'ol friend Crockpot. I've had him for years, and he works like a champ. Plus, what's better than the smell of dinner cooking throughout the afternoon while you work? To me, it's the best part of homemaking.

We are also back into the swing of preschool at home. We are focusing on letter sounds and recognition, using colorful counters, learning through play, and lots of snuggle (reading) time together.


  1. I think I have that candle! It is a good one. And yes to crockpot dinners! 😀

  2. We are so alike!!!
    I have that exact same Crock Pot!
    And love it for the same reasons!
    (The Insta Pot kind of freaks me out.)
    And I too have that candle. It is amazing.
    Love your Preschool.
    I miss those days.
    Have a cozy evening, my friend.

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