Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My Simple Morning Routine

I thought I'd share my simple morning routine. I love to read other people's routines, tips, and tricks. It's amazing how much it inspires me to stick with what I' doing or occasionally add/take away from my current routine.

During this season of life, I'm learning that having a schedule keeps our days running smoother which makes for a MUCH happier mom. Can anyone else relate?

1. The first thing I do every morning without fail is to say a prayer of thanksgiving and protection over my family. What better way to start off my day than to thank the one who gave it to me? I've done this for as long as I can remember.

2. Next up, I make my bed. It immediately makes my room look more put together and honestly, it makes me feel better.

3. The second thing I do is get dressed and do a 5-10 minute Pilates workout. I've been doing this since last fall, and it has really changed my overall mindset. It helps wake me up, clear my mind and set the tone for my day. It also helps me relax so I can enjoy my morning without feeling stressed. It has been such a game changer for me (and I rarely use that term...).

4. I drink half a glass of lemon water. Some days it's fresh squeezed lemon and other days I use lemon juice. My friend Naomi got me started on this trick and the health benefits are fantastic. It's a great way to detox your body before starting the day!

5. Finally, I sit down with a cup of coffee, my planner and my computer. This is my "me" time before I get the kids up. I like to write my list of things to do, check my e-mail, and read.

What does your morning routine look like?


  1. You are so right about having a schedule during these precious days!
    I always had a schedule, and my kids thrived on it.
    I think kids love to know what is next in their day.
    It brings a sense of comfort and peace.
    My morning is similar...
    But instead of the workout, I watch an episode of MatchGame '74 on Gameshow Network! LOL

  2. I LOVE seeing/ reading morning routines! I've been drinking warm lemon water every morning for years. :)

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  3. I love the idea of getting up before the kids. So hard to do with a newborn! The lemon water is a good tip too. 👍🏻

  4. I'm going to start trying to implement some of these ideas (if I can find a way to do it around kids!)...especially the lemon water. I used to drink lemon water every day but I haven't had any in a long time! Morning routine? The girls wake up when I wake matter how quiet I try to be or if I wake up long before "normal". They know it, somehow!


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