I'm thankful for...

A wooden swing in our backyard. Josh put it together, and it's been a little dream come true.

Beautiful, bright sunshine streaming through our windows this morning!

Fresh flowers, and a to do list to help me tackle spring cleaning. It's time! I love spring cleaning.

Iced latte's, good books, random road trips, and an entire weekend with my little family.

Life is good! Happy Monday!


  1. Heather,
    That list sounds perfect!
    The swing is amazing!!!!
    And your babies? Sp precious.
    We have sunlight today too.
    What a difference that makes!
    Enjoy your iced latte!!!
    I have some iced mocha in the fridge that is calling my name. : )

  2. So Sweet! What an adorable pic. Your hubby did a great job on that swing. ;)